TJ (wolskimom ) emailed this afternoon:
“I can’t post messages and I can’t send out any emails either…internet at hotel is acting weird…I hope you can get this and post something in my comments saying I will be back in a week when I get out of this hotel.  Thanks!!!”

So, I’ve posted a note to that effect in the comments on her blog. They are at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO. They will be in housing at the Air Force Academy. They will be able to get into an individual house at the Academy, rather than townhouses at Peterson. Her husband will be home from Iraq in 2 months.

UpdatedYesterday, I was telling Jami about how Steve quit smoking. He posted about it here. (No, Jami doesn’t smoke, but a family member did.)
Read  Carolyn’s  post today. It is excellent.
Bethany  is trying to redesign her blog. She’s added some color. When I went to bed last night, it had a beach picture in the center. That’s gone today.
Major yardwork to do this afternoon. It never seems to get itself done.

I have an antique glass basket that belonged to my grandmother, sitting by the front door, filled with potpourri. Guess what animals got up there and turned it over, dumping out all the potpourri? *sigh* Cleaning up after cats is a never-ending job.

like my attitude 



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  1. :wave: Thanks for your comment and the link. 🙂 That basket sounds pretty~ & the cattitude ~ yep, they’re cute with plenty of it! Good pix demonstrating the cattitude! :laugh:

  2. I’m so glad we homeschool. We don’t start school until Sept.4. Annie will be gone the entire week before school starts. We take time off during the school year, but not as long as the public schools.

  3. We take time off during the school year, but not as long as the public schools.
    We always did, too. I used about the same amount of time off that I got when I was in school. But I tried to time some things along the lines of the area school district, so they could play with their friends when the public schools were out.
    And Susan, it IS too hot out there. Although it doesn’t feel as hot as it has been. Or maybe it’s my imagination 🙄

  4. (No, Jami doesn’t smoke, but a family member did.)
    HAHAHA  Thank you for claryifying that!!!  😉  Just pickin’…  you’re too funny!!!  You never cease to give me a good laugh!!!  love ya!!!  ***hugs***  Jami

  5. You never cease to give me a good laugh!!!  😆  Well, at least I’m good for something 🙄
    I will look for you blinkie request!  Thanks, Connie. I’ve been looking, but can’t find one.
    Paula, all our kitties are naughty. There’s one right now trying to catch a lizard that’s on the outside of the window. She tries this every night, and hasn’t caught the thing yet. You’d think she would learn! :nono:

  6. RYC:  This summer we have been on the go quite a bit, you’re right! :yes: This is only to the Columbus area; so it’s only about an hour to get there. :lookaround: Where is the article you referred to about Steve’s quitting smoking? I’d love to read it. (:eek: No, Carolyn doesn’t smoke, a family member does! :giggle:)

  7. Okay, you can use muchliest if you would like to…hehee  Have a blessed day worshiping our amazing Lord, sweet sister!!!!!!!!  With muchliest love and many-est (not sure how to spell that one!!)prayers, Paula 

  8. Life is interesting isnt it? :spinning: Reading your post certainly reminded me of that fact…
    RYC: You are the perfect customer! hehehe….:lol:
    Have a wonderful Sunday….:wave:

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