Brandon, Rachael, Beth and I just got back from Jamie’s (faith2faithintx) house. She just lives a couple of miles down the road, or at least she will until the end of August. They sold their house.

She’s selling furniture in preparation for the move. Brandon and Rachael now have a dining table, 6 chairs, and a lighted china cabinet in “layaway”.

table hutch 

I also got a Bombay chest.


I splurged and bought me an old copper “boiler”. I have always wanted one. It’s the antique collector in me that wanted it.

copper boiler 001 

Brandon wants her husband’s Harley, but I don’t think we’re getting that!

And she had the best smelling candle burning in her kitchen.

 Jamie is even sweet enough to hold onto the stuff for us until Aug. 27. That gives Brandon and Rachael time to rearrange their storage unit to put more stuff in it.

They already have a bedroom set that they bought from one of the doctors at the animal hospital where Rachael works. The doctor was buying new stuff and just wanted to get rid of this, so she let them have it all for $200! They have a huge bookcase headboard with smoked mirror and secret storage compartments. They also got a dresser and a chest-of-drawers that has jewelry storage. The set is oak. All they have to buy is the mattress and springs.

Did lots of yard work yesterday evening, after it cooled down some. Steve mowed and edged. Brandon climbed up in the tallow tree and cut a bunch of limbs. Then he climbed up on our porch roof (it is actually a trellis) to trim the vines growing up the side of the house. Brandon and Rachael trimmed a huge bouganvilla we have in the front yard. So the trash pile waiting for pick-up next week is rather large. We also moved firewood to a new stacking place. We sure won’t need that for a while.

It’s just too hot here to do all that during the middle of the day, if you can avoid it.

I got an email from TJ. She found a Panera Bread in Colorado Springs where she emailed a post to her blog. She said the sky is as clear as a bell and Pike’s Peak is beautiful.

I’m cooking steaks for supper after church tonight. More later.



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  1. Wow…  that stuff is beautiful!!!  Looks like you guys got some awesome deals!!!  Hope you saw my comment on your previous entry… 😀  hahahaha  If not, go back and look at it!!  ***Hugs***  Jami
    P.S.  Make sure you read my new POST today since I’ve been so lazy!! :p 

  2. Hi there! Thank you so very, very much for your comment!! Gosh, it’s so helpful to me to hear the positive stories of PCOS. I go through highs and lows from time to time. Very rarely low, but when I get low, I get LOW! I bet you went through it much worse since no one would give you the time of day to actually diagnose anything! What kind of treatments have you tried? I am on 1750mg of Metformin. I was on 1500mg Glucohpage and it worked wonders for me! But then when I changed to Met, that little formulation difference threw my system for a loop. I have a follow-up this week, I can’t wait! My doctor is fantastic… and knows the crazy ins and outs of Tricare

  3. We had great fun! I’ll of course be posting pix this week! 🙂 Glad you like my profile pix. :)Today after the wedding, different ones of us were reminiscing about our weddings, & funny things that happened, stresses, etc. :lookaround:

  4. gosh it’s so refreshing to “meet” someone who’s dealt with PCOS for a lifetime. I hear a lot of women say that diabetes meds help them lose weight, but I gained 10% of my body weight when I started glucophage because it gave me such insane sweet cravings! And I have noticed that with the Metformin, if I stop exercising, I gain it back like *that*. But that’s ok. It regulated my cycles really well and I was getting little “twinges” over my left ovary in the middle of my cycle each month which makes me think it actually made me ovulate!! But now I feel like I’m back to square one since the med switch. It would figure that my system would be too sensitive to handle the change haha! I think Clomid will be my next stop in treatment. I’m afraid of the side effects, but at this point, whatever. I’m so sorry that you started reading my blog on such a horrible day for me! I’m usually a very positive, loving person. I guess I am just in a rut. People don’t understand PCOS. I’m in Nursing school, so at least some of my friends understand it from a clinical standpoint, but not many people know how it feels inside. I have found a fantastic support group online… It helped me a lot since my diagnosis a year ago. Thankfully, my husband is very loving and understanding and patient. He’s the best support of all! I strongly suspect that PCOS may run in my family. But I’m not sure. So, if I understand you correctly, if I have a daughter, she, too, will have PCOS? Or is that just a chance?

  5. Hi.  LOVE the furniture there, how GORGEOUS. 
    Just wanted to stop by and say hello again to a purple friend of mine.  I wish I had known you were having steak for dinner… I’d have dropped by then.  😉

  6. Cindy…  we are going to have to get after Connie… she up and changed her mind about top 10 again…!  She had posted on her site that she wasn’t going to play it again until Monday and I checked her site tonight (Sunday) and she was playing…!  :nono:  Shame shame on her!! haha   Anywho, hope all is well there!!! ***hugs***  Jami

  7. i like the bombay chest and the dining table, anything that has something to do with wood furniture attracts me..

  8. I love garage and moving sales. I get the best bargains from there. CO Springs is beautiful. Garden of gods is a site to see… we live in Parker which is about 45 mins north of CO Springs. =)

  9. I love garage and moving sales.
    That’s a great way to get some good stuff. Jamie and I were talking yesterday about kids that want to start out with all new stuff, rather than used. That’s crazy…not to mention expensive. When our son was born, we bought his baby bed from a flea market and I painted it and put new decals on it. Then we bought a new mattress. I would never have even considered spending hundreds of dollars on a brand new baby bed. (Besides, we didn’t have hundreds to spend!) When I moved out of my parents’ house into an apartment, so much of my stuff was passed down from other family members. Some people pay good money for those…we call them “antiques”. If you don’t throw out the old stuff from grandparents, you eventually have antiques. One of my favorite pieces is an old cherry table that my great-great grandfather brought with him when he moved to Texas from Tennessee.

  10. Wow going back to Iraq right now is pretty scary. Yes~ more reason to pray. Wow that’s cool that he works for the Focus on the Family. Their campus is pretty cool. Cool underground playground for kids too.

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