The Bombing

Just thought I’d share some pictures.

These 2 are from the water bomb fight. Beth got bombed    Kelsey and Haley love to hang on  her.

Beth and Haley Beth and girls 2

And Honey has found a new sleeping place: Honey 1 Honey 2 I am too cute




7 thoughts on “The Bombing

  1. Cindy,
    With this heat, I bet those water balloons felt good!  :coolman:
    I’m afraid to ask how Honey got up there!!:wha:

  2. Awww… poor Beth…  she seems to get the brunt of all of that stuff!!! haha  Isn’t there anyone else to pick on?!?! lol  Thats too cute about your cat…  doesn’t look comfortable to me but hey… I’m not a cat either!! lol  ***hugs***  Jami

  3. Beth didn’t even get to change into the shorts she brought for her water adventure. They started throwing them at her while she still had her jeans on. So those jeans got very heavy.

  4. I’m afraid to ask how Honey got up there!!
    Oh, that’s not difficult. The countertop by the sink runs right up to the fridge. He just jumps up on the counter and then on up on top of the fridge.

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