This is for TJ

  AF flag 

TJ, I don’t think I could do your job. No, you are not “officially” in the Air Force like Billy, but you are as much a part of defending our freedom as he is.

You are here raising his children. You have


to your husband and the job he is doing. He may be in Iraq, but you are fighting battles here, too. Like trying to sell a house in Arkansas, after you have already moved to Colorado Springs. And like worrying about your bank account, making sure you have the money to pay for the things you need to pay for. Getting the kids into new schools. Easing their fears of moving to a new town. And just dealing with a teenager – by yourself.

Having to keep your house clean everyday, and leave the house while prospective buyers walked through it. And then finding out that after all your effort, they werent’ interested. Living out of hotels. Packing and unpacking with no help. Buying new appliances. Installing a satellite dish (I was impressed!)


And then there’s the stress of knowing he is in Iraq, which is a dangerous place.

And through all this stress, you can still say


You have our admiration. We support you with our prayers. I wish I could come to Colorado Springs and help you, although I don’t know what I would be able to do. I wish I knew somebody in Cabot that wanted a house.

You deserve a medal, too. There should be a medal for military spouses. But this is the best we can do now.


Please go by TJ’s site (wolskimom) and let her know how much you support her. She needs it right now.

stress choke

It will all be worth it, as soon as he gets back home and puts his arms around you.



12 thoughts on “This is for TJ

  1. Thank you so much!  I really do appreciate your kind words.  It is very hard having to deal with all the difficulties of having your loved one being gone on top of having to move all by yourself.  Your words were very uplifting and helped tremendously!  I always know that I can count on you for support!!  Thank you so much!!!

  2. ryc: We have a love-hate (not really HATE!) relationship with Holland, MI. It’s a BEAUTIFUL place to live or visit, but when your husband keeps getting sent over there for long business trips & you live on the other side of the state….. it gets old quick!  But Holland is such a gorgeous place to be that we DO get over it quickly when we get to travel with him and go to all the beaches & parks!! Traveling to the same place, eating at all the same restaurants, staying in a 15×10 hotel room & living out of a suitcase just takes it’s toll on a family with 4 young children….. know what I mean?
    Much of my family lives in Texas at this point. First my Aunt & Uncle moved there from Mass., then my grandparents from Detroit, then my Mom, from the Detroit area. I think my A. & U. moved there 30 years ago, or more! Two or so years later, my grandparents followed, & my mom moved down there about 18 years ago! So, I’ve visited Texas a LOT! I remember when my grandparents moved, there was a common funny saying of: The last one in Michigan, turn out the lights!!

  3. :wave:  Whew, I was glad to come to your site and see your comment back about updating tomorrow (being today!).  I was getting worried about you!!!  Ever since I have known you, you always do a post a day…!!!  ***hugs***  Jami

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