UPDATE: I just got back from Hobby Lobby. I should have known to stay out of there  So much blue and silver snowflake stuff. I found this cobalt blue candle holder:
snowflakes 001 cropped 
 When I found out it was 1/2 price, I went back and got the other 3 they had.
Beth met a guy online. He’s already asked her out. She’s been trying to figure out how to tell him she doesn’t want to go out until she knows him better, without it sounding like she’s saying she doesn’t want to go out at all.
She can meet guys online, or she can meet creeps in CVS.
Last night I dreamed I forgot to make the cake for this wedding. And we were at the wedding. Yes, I’m starting to have nightmares.
I don’t believe I’ve ever shown you pictures of the outside of our church. I’ve shown plenty of inside pictures. These are some Bethany took in April 2005, as we were getting ready for a revival.
Our church was started on January 21, 1895, and was originally called the First Swedish Baptist Church of Genoa. The town of Genoa is now part of Houston.
Steve made this sign and installed it in October 1995, for our 100th anniversary homecoming service. It is sandblasted redwood.

April2005 030 

This is the west side of our sanctuary, and the building to the left is our fellowship hall.

April2005 032 

This is the front (south) side of the sanctuary, taken from the elementary school across the street. I love that beautiful blue sky. You can’t tell from this angle, but the windows are stained glass.

churchApril2005 025 

For our 100th anniversary, Brandon got up in that steeple and installed a new bell. Our old bell had been taken down years ago (and it was given to the Methodist Church across the street), and a speaker was installed to broadcast our organ chimes. But it quit working, and we wanted a bell again. The original bell is displayed at the Methodist Church. It was originally given to us by another church in Houston.

Our church originally met in the upstairs of a grocery store down the street. But in 1903, a small church was built. Here is a picture of that church. Can you see it there in the center, with the steeple? If you go up in the attic, you can see the original roof.


The building on the right is the original elementary school. The house on the left is part of the McLendon’s Dairy farm. The school is now a huge thing that takes up almost all the old dairy farm property. Some of my family married into the McLendon family.

Our church has been added onto a couple of times since this picture, and additonal buildings were built for our fellowship hall and Sunday School classes.

In the last few years we’ve added a few “high tech” things that larger churches have. We have theatrical lights now for doing our Easter plays. We also added a computer, projector and screen (we only need one since we are small).

But we have not had a website. So yesterday Brandon set one up. It’s actually online right now, but there is really nothing on it yet, so as soon as he gets more on it, I’ll post a link. He’s excited about it.

He is even going to post the original minutes from the first business meeting. They are in Swedish. Several years ago, one of the deacons took them to the Swedish Consulate in Houston, and got them translated.

I love our church. We have a history. My mom joined there when she was 6 years old. That was 63 years ago. My dad’s family joined there about 60 years ago. My mom’s parents were both Sunday School teachers, and her dad was a deacon. My dad’s dad was a trustee and his mother did a lot of “fellowship committee” type work. Now my own family is very involved there in every aspect of the church. From teaching to counting the money

My parents got married there, Steve and I got married there, and now my first child will get married there. I can’t tell you how excited that makes me. My family has been there for 4 generations, and 3 generations will be married there.


Have you ever read through the stories in the Bible and wondered how in the world God put up with people who did some of the things that went on then? And these were people He called His children. I know I have. King David wanted another man’s wife and he got her. She got pregnant, and he had her husband killed. Yet God called him a man after His own heart.

Even the men we call the patriarchs messed up. They lied. They tried to deceive people. Yet God loved them and used them. Go figure.

But that’s what He does with us, too. Those people back then were just like us. We are all so imperfect. We lie. We cheat. We think things we shouldn’t think. But God, for some reason we can’t possibly understand, loves us anyway. And He uses us, in spite of our imperfections. I believe that’s why He allows us to know about the sinful things that some of His children did in the Bible. So we won’t get the idea that those people were perfect, and we could never measure up to them. The difference is, those who love God will admit their sins and ask forgiveness. And they will try to not do those things again.

Do you have it in your mind that you don’t measure up? None of us do.



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  1. Wow that date Oct. 1995 jumped off the page at me!  That is when Mark was diagnosed with his brain tumor!
    I love to know the history behind things! How interesting that all was!!!
    How awesome your son is getting married there!

  2. RYC:  No, nothing new…!  Just same ol’ same ol’ getting to me and some things that I need to decide that will not only affect me but affect Joey as well.  I’ll have to explain more later in another post or an e-mail or something…  off to tend to Joey!!  Sorry this is so short!! *hugs* Jami

  3. I have always thought that is why God included all in the Bible, so we would know we are covered with His love no matter what we do.  David is one of my fav OT characters.  So much to learn. 
    Hobby Lobby, a great place~I bought candle holders for our sons wedding a year and a half ago at Hobby Lobby.  Good stuff for a good price.  Have a good evening!

  4. Never heard of Hobby Lobby?!?!?!  :eek::eek::eek:  Whoa…  thats hard to imagine.  I LOVE to go to Hobby Lobby and shop!!  And obviously Cindy does too!!  😆  :giggle:  😉  Thats a really beautiful candle holder!!!  I’m jealous!!!  haha  **Hugs**  Jami

  5. Jami, I saw that candle holder and thought it was the most gorgeous thing. The blue glass is frosted, and the snowflake is glitter. I’ll have glitter in this house for years after this wedding is over. 😮

  6. :wave:I love Hobby Lobby! :heartbeat:We actually have another store which is like H.L., just across the street from it called Craft 2000!:yes: I love the pix & history of your church ~ thanks for sharing! :goodjob:

  7. I came over from Jami’s site….I hope you don’t mind if I subscribed to you…she said you would update on her from time to time & I would love to keep up with her so I know how to pray!! Also after looking at your site a bit it looks like we may have some things in common…we were also married in 1979, Aug. 18. We have 3 kids…2 are married & we are expecting our 4th grandson in Oct. Our son & son-in-law are/were also in the military! Looks like you have military family as well! It was fun reading the history of your church…very cool! I grew up in a Baptist church. Anyway…looking forward to getting to know you more…I will also put you on my protected list so you can see who this crazy lady is that is subscribing 😉 Have a great day!

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