Bethany   has been talking to Fred Stoeker again. He gave her a really nice compliment. He thought she would make a perfect wife for his son.


I wanted to show you all what the wedding invitations will look like. We decided on the final wording last night. This will be printed on snowflake vellum paper, with a backing of royal blue cardstock. I wonder how much business printers are losing, now that you can print your own invitations? 

silver glitter 

  Rachael Marie Christianson


Brandon Richard Hartman


Together with their parents

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Christianson


Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hartman


Invite you to share with them

as they exchange wedding vows before God

In a candlelight ceremony

Saturday the eighteenth of November

Two Thousand and Six

Six o’clock in the evening


First Baptist Church of Genoa

12717 Almeda Genoa Road

Houston Texas

 silver glitter

Here’s the paper:


The pattern for Rachael’s dress came yesterday, so I have to get started on it. It won’t really take that long to make. We are going to set out everything we have and take pictures, so we will remember everything that is in the inventory for decorating. We have so much snowflake stuff now, we can’t remember what we have.



8 thoughts on “

  1. Looks good! :goodjob:You are (as I’ve said before) such a talented lady! You aren’t just putting printers out of business, but bridal shops, floral shops, . . . and the list just keeps going on . . . !! :laugh:

  2. :heartbeat: Very nice … do they have an engagement picture or something they posted in the newspaper .. I would like to see that …
    Have fun!  Can’t wait for the wedding!
    Connie :heartbeat:

  3. Hi, Cynthia. Yes, so far, so good. We have been keeping them in the house. They are not happy about it, but there are only 3 that are just begging to go outside. I will have to take them outside one at a time sometimes. I need a lid on my backyard so I can let them out there :laugh: If you guys ever see concertina wire around the top of our fences, it’s not to keep people out. It’s to keep our convict cats in 😆

  4. Hey!  Have you found out any more info on our family line to connect us?  My computer crashed and I lost all my email addresses, so let me know if you did.
    Have a great weekend.

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