UPDATE 8:40 p.m….please be in prayer for Brandon and Rachael. They are wanting to buy the house next door.

And pray for Bethany. God knows what it’s about.

Every time I go into Walmart, I see something else with snowflakes on it. Tonight I found more sheer silver and white snowflake fabric. I got the whole bolt. It will be skirts around the cake and punch tables. 
I’m starting on the wedding dress.
3 Snowflakes 



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  1. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 Jami, I’m not going to say it. Besides, it’s the thought that counts!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    Thanks, ladies. Those silver snowflakes will be around the neckline and on the skirt and train. Yes, Susan, I am making it. The pattern is pretty simple. But I haven’t made a wedding dress in 27 years.

  2. :wave: Hi Cindy ~ Thanks for the great news! 🙂 I am praying right now for Brandon, Rachael, and Bethany. Gorgeous dress! Take pix of your creation! ~ Muchliest:love: /Carolyn:heartbeat:

  3. Beautiful!  My mom made my wedding dress 28 years ago then she make my daughter Laci’s 3 years ago.  It will be wonderful memories for many years to have someone make the dress with their love.  Your precious for doing it!

  4. Yeah yeah yeah…  I’m back…  I’ve had drama today with my car and decided that I needed my xanga to vent on…  although I haven’t had the chance to vent yet!! *sighs*  Hopefully once Joey goes to bed I can.  Anywho, thats cool that Brandon and Rachael are wanting to buy the house next door.  Hopefully everything will work out!!  I’ll be praying for them.  And I’m praying for Bethany too…!!!!!!!  ***hugs to you all*** 

  5. Well, I’m glad you’re back, Jami girl. But I guess now we have to stop talking about you, since you can chime in once again :giggle:
    Thanks to all of you for the prayers. It would be so convenient having them next door. They wouldn’t have to buy a lawnmower because they could use ours. And they could still come over for supper when I order pizza. And I could babysit…..(Brandon told me not to plan that far ahead, but you know me :giggle: )

  6. …..And I could babysit…..BABYSIT??? :nono: :giggle: 😆 Maybe in like 10 years or so but for now you could always babysit the rabbit, turtle and fish for us And btw no honeymoon surprises either, don’t help give her any ideas Jami, lol Good to see you’re back though :goodjob:

  7. The dress is beautiful!!!!
    of course I have annoying habits…specially if you ask my husband.  I know for one, and we call it a TJ, is when he will be talking about something and I will be thinking about something else and I will go TOTALLY off subject!  He hates it when I do that I tend to do it often!  Not on purpose of course.  :giggle:

  8. LOL  Yes… honeymoon surprises do happen!!!  Trust me..  I  KNOW all about them!!! 😀  And yes… I do “pick up houses”!!  :goodjob:  :giggle:   I’m a strong woman too you know…?! 😆 

  9. And you do know Cindy, and Rachael too, that part of the reason I came back to Xanga was because I missed you guys so so so much!!! hahaha  :spinning:  :laugh:

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