4:40 p.m….This update is even better….TJ said her husband will be home Sept. 27!
UPDATE 12:55 p.m…..I’m working on wedding stuff. I just printed out stickers with names and wedding date for these votive candles. Every family at the wedding will get one. Now we have to put the stickers on only 95 more candles
candle 2 cropped 
Here’s a little bear Rachael found that goes with the wedding. We’ll set him on the table next to pictures of them (he’s baby blue with silver snowflakes):
snowflake 009 
Last night I made 2 huge silver snowflake bows to go on the doors of the church.
It sure looks like Olivia (XoXits_just_meXoX ) needs some comments on her blog. Olivia talks to herself a lot   She is 13 and lives in Ohio. She is a Christian. I “met” Olivia many months back, through Suzanne (burkesv). My church is First Baptist Church of Genoa. I remember once that Olivia posted about her father and her visiting Genoa Baptist Church in Ohio. I thought that was kind of funny.

I was thinking about Ethan’s friend, MSgt. Brad Clemmons, who died Monday in Iraq. One of the hardest things when our daughter, Rachel, died, was that other people went on with their lives. Her death devastated us, and our lives were changed forever, but the lives of most people were not affected by it. People didn’t mean to be unkind (well…some did), but many were uncomfortable talking about her. And I remember thinking that it just didn’t seem fair for others to be able to go on like nothing happened (because it didn’t happen to them), while we were hurting so bad. So I try to remember that feeling, whenever somebody else loses a loved one.

  We cannot forget the sacrifices these people have made. Not just the sacrifice of the person who died, but the families and friends whose lives are changed forever.

Here is some information on him:

Patriot Guard Riders



15 thoughts on “

  1. Its going slow…  Joey slept for 15 hours last night…  😮  So I got to sleep in…  but its been a long day so far.  My car is still having issues so my dad is coming to pick it up later this afternoon to take it back to their house and see if he can fix it…!!!  Really frustrated about that.  Joey is cutting his 2 year molars so he has been extremely crabby the last several days so that has been wearing on me…!!!  And then the situation I talked about on my site has been heavy on my mind and heart the last several days…  still is!!!  All of that is adding up quickly with me…!!  But I keep trying to remember that this too shall pass.

  2. Hi, Suzanne….it’s not so much that people didn’t care…just that we saw people all around us that had lives to live. Most were people we didn’t know. I noticed at that time how life just goes on, even when there are hurting people. There were people all around us who just didn’t have a clue that we had just lost someone.
    Jami, I’m so sorry you are going through this. I know it’s not easy. And I hope your dad can get your car fixed. What is it doing?

  3. I love that bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Its so adorable!!  I used to collect TY beanie babies…  but I haven’t had much of an interest in them in a while…  once they “retired” them and brought them back, it lost the excitement!!  heh
    Well, as I said in my previous post, it started out smoking on Sunday.  My dad “fixed” the problem… so he thought.  Well, I was out driving around paying some bills on Monday and it started shaking really bad.  Shaking while I was driving, shaking while I was idle…  Joe’s car did that one time before, amongst having other problems, and my parents had it towed off and the guy that worked on it said that his engine was just about to fall out!!!  So my dad was going to look at it and see if he could tell anything about it before taking it in to get it looked at..! 

  4. He knows very basic things…  but nothing major or important.  He used to know more before things got computerized…!!

  5. Have Brandon and Rachael found out anything about the house yet…?  Just wondering… just got to thinking about it!!!

  6. 🙂Hi, WoW, have you ever consider becoming a “full-time” wedding planner? Thank you for sharing the information about Msgt Brad. Funny I have always felt that the “world” should literally stop when someone special dies or something happens bad. Please do take care and “slow” down some!:spinning: Many Smiles, Sharon-Oh, I found a picture and just had to post–with you in mind.:p:lol:

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