TJ….I found you a stick figure
hello stick figure 
No Curves today. But we do have Bible Study tonight.



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  1. God bless you Cindy! I worked on belly dancing moves last night (snicker, snicker) Guess who’s sore, lol.

  2. :giggle: TJ said she couldn’t even draw a stick figure, and one of the classes she enrolled in is an art class. So I thought I’d help her out! :laugh: It’s probably not gonna help her much.
    And Jami, I’ve been empyting cat boxes, vacuuming and mopping. No fun. I’m fixing to decide which of these wedding decorations we can haul down to the church tonight, to get them out of my living room! After the wedding, it’s going to take a 10×10 storage building to hold all this stuff. And then only if we stack it to the ceiling.

  3. :heartbeat: Cindy,
    I don’t know if I’ll ever learn to belly dance, but I really like the moves and if I learn a modicum of grace (rofl here) then the torture is worth it. God bless you sweetie. I’m praying for you.
    Cynthia :heartbeat:

  4. :laugh: Thank you so much!  I love it!  I only hope my instructor lets me bring in tracing paper for my class!  😆
    Thanks!!!  TJ

  5. Hi Cindy, Cute little stick man.  My daughter loves Curves, but we don’t have it here in our little town, so I have to exercise on my own, oh well!:lookaround:

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