UPDATE: Today is my nephew, Justin’s (jta827) birthday. He is 21. I was there when he was born, actually getting to stand behind the doctor and watch him be born. It was neat. It was also kind of hard, because it was only 18 months after my daughter, Rachel, had died. So I stood there and cried into my mask – part sadness and part excitement over the new baby. I didn’t know yet when he was born, that I was pregnant with Bethany. And when Bethany was born, my sister did not yet know that she was going to have Justin’s brother, Michael. From Feb. 7, 1984 to Feb. 1, 1987, there were 5 grandchildren born in our family. 
I had 2 comforters in one of those space saving storage bags…the one where you use your vacuum to suck all the air out. They used the comforters to pad the furniture during the move today. The bag was lying empty on the bed, so Tigger made himself comfortable in it. I took pictures, but I figured if I posted them, somebody was bound to think I was doing something cruel to our cat. But Tigger just likes to crawl inside of whatever he can find. I promise….the bag is open and he is getting air.


I was afraid it was going to rain while they were moving that furniture. It was thundering and I was praying it would hold off.


I stayed home from church this morning, since I still am not feeling good.
Brandon and Rachael are going at 2:00 to Jamie’s (faith2faithintx) to pick up their “new” furniture. Jamie and her husband got back from their cruise yesterday.
We watched Pearl Harbor last night. I had not seen but the very end of it before. It was a good movie. Made me cry.

More later….maybe.



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  1. :nono:  No church?!?!?!  Just kidding…  who am I to say anything about that?!?! heh  Anywho, I fixed the little “problem” on my site just for you!!!  So go check it out!! 🙂  Anywho, hope all is well there with you guys!! **hugs**  Jami

  2. Pink flamingo’s are the bomb!!!  :coolman:  I definately think you need some kind of pink flamingo smiley face thing.  hehe

  3. :heartbeat:
    We are princesses and royal heirs–our King’s purple gals–
    So stop by  Monday  and see our other Heart Beat pals…
    And don’t forget to leave DaisyMae a message or a line or two–
    Sharing the love of Jesus in all you do!
    With much love and many prayers,
    Paula, your Purple HeartBeat Leader (Team #6):heartbeat:

  4. Definitely sounds like a laugh cry moment…I have lots of those…My little 7 yera old that got placed with me almost 2 weeks ago was having a meltdown at the doctors office..A family witha 4th and 6th grader became very involved in wanting to help me..They went out and got him a towel to hold since he likes towels..I was very happy yet curious about their involvement…I said ” If you would like to do foster care I can get you started” They said Oh we just had a little boy die when he was 6 in 2001. I felt SO sad..NICE family loses son while this child lived his life in a car with retarded mom and homeless 70 year old man…I am happy he is here yet could cry at the unfairness of things

  5. Hi, Sharon….I know what you mean. When we were trying to have children, and having some difficulty, it never seemed fair to me that people who didn’t even want them, were having them right and left. And then when Rachel died, nothing seemed fair. Of course, now I can look back and realize that God’s plan is best, even when we don’t understand it.

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