Are you a guy, looking for a girl, and just don’t know how to find one? Do they just seem uninterested? Here’s some advice.

There is hope. I am feeling a little better today. But Bethany is still sick.

I made Rachael and Brandon t-shirts to wear to the rehearsal and dinner, so they won’t forget who they are.

tshirts cropped  

And no, it’s not a formal affair – it’s a barbeque at my sister’s house. No black ties allowed.


The funeral service for MSgt. Brad A. Clemmons will be Thursday, August 31, 11:00 a.m. Eastern time, in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Patriot Guard Riders 

Here  is another story about him. The arrangements are being handled by Haller Funeral Home in Chillicothe. He just found out his wife is expecting another child in April.

Please pray for all the family and friends, and for those who still have a job to do.  



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  1. Those shirts are cute!!  Joe and I had shirts we were on our honeymoon…  one said just married to my best friend and the date… the other one said “I married my romeo” on the front and “juliet” on the back… then his said “i married my juliet” and had “romeo” on the back.  We got a lot of comments about them on our cruise!!  Everyone referred to us as Romeo and Juliet!! lol  Anywho, job interview went really well today.  They sounded very interested in me.  They are supposed to get back in touch with me Thursday or Friday… after they do the background check and such.  So yeah…  I’m really excited about it!!!  Ready for them to call me and let me know whats up so I can start packing and everything!!  Eek… so very much to do and not much time to do it in!!

  2. Yes…  well…  either Longview or one of the towns on the outskirt of Longview… such has Hallsville or Gladewater or White Oak or something…  gotta look into the cost of rent and see where I can find something at… but I will be in that area..!!

  3. Very Good t-shirts :goodjob:  By the time the rehearsal dinner gets here they may need them!  But how about you?  Did ya make one for you?:lol:

  4. Owa nowa…. closer to Connie?!?!?  😮  hehe  Just kiddin’…  how far is Longview from Houston…?!  I don’t know whats going to end up happening with our meeting in September…  😦  Thats still a month away but we’ll see I guess… 😦

  5. Mapquest says it’s 4 hours from Deer Park. We’d just hit Hwy 59 and go north. It would be simple to get to. But if we end up needing to reschedule the meeting, or meet somewhere else, that’s fine, too.

  6. Hey Cindy….I found you on Krystal’s page.  I just thought I would tell you a few years ago my husband and I took the Conroe Citizen’s Police Academy here in Conroe.  We had the pleasure of meeting your cousin, Ross……he flew in the helicopter and got to explain everything to us…..that was the neatest thing I had ever done.  You never really know what goes on with cops til you take a class like that and experience it for yourself.
    Be blessed, Kimberly

  7. Love the shirts! 
    I am really hurting for the loss of MSgt. Clemmons!  I sure hope that they all come home soon!  I will be praying his family tomorrow!

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