Update 9:40 p.m……Daddy just sent me an email thanking us for his birthday wishes. He said he doesn’t feel any older today….he felt 80 yesterday and he still feels 80 today!    (He’s only 70.)

Today is my dad’s birthday. He is 70. Because of the severity of his heart problems, we never thought he would make it this far. He has had 2 bypass surgeries (the first in Oct 1989 at age 53 and the second in Mar 1998), 5 heart attacks (we’ve lost count, but I think that’s right), and about 14 angioplasties.
We are having a party Saturday at my sister’s house. My mom’s bday is Sept 14, and my sister Heather’s is Sept 12. My nephew, Jeremy has one on Sept. 11.

This was last December, at their 50th anniversary party.
Daddy  Dec. 10, 2005
This is his senior picture. He graduated in 1955.
walter1 50%



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  1. Birthdays birthdays birthdays!!!  Goodness…!!!  They are everywhere in the month of September!! haha  Anywho… hope all is well!!!  **hugs**  Jami

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad! Awesome!
    I read your “tiny bead” post… I think I’d be cross-eyed and crazy sewing those beads on… you must have the patience of Job. That is so cool you are making so much of the things for the wedding. It makes is so much more special than just purchasing them. These things can be passed down generation to generation….

  3. :yes: And that’s not even all the September bdays. My dad’s brother’s is Sept. 15. My cousin is Sept 8, and my grandfather’s was Sept. 29! My family had a thing for September.

  4. I read your “tiny bead” post
    Thank you. I actually don’t have the patience of Job. That’s never been my strength (my family should not chime in on this one!) But in my family, we have always done all the wedding stuff, rather than buy it. I don’t know how people can afford that now anyway. And it’s fun.

  5. Your father is a handsome man!  You have lots of birthdays in September.  Our first Grandson is due by C-section on September 15th and my b-day is the 19th, so it is semi busy for us.  I love autumn, it is the best time of the year when the weather starts changing but now that I am older:whocares: I would just as soon not have any more birthdays, or at least not feel like I am getting older!  Thanks for going to my daughters site too.

  6. Hi again Cindy, thanks for your comments on Shaelas site.  That is the hardest thing for her for people to tell her to just get over it.  What you said is so true, thanks again!  Love ya, Cynthia

  7. WOW – your dad has had a very eventful life – God has really kept His hand upon him!  Happy Birthday to your dad and hope you have a blessed day!

  8. Cynthia, I just don’t think we ever forget or get over such a tragic event in our lives. People who tell others things like that should just keep their mouths shut. They are people who have not been through anything like it.
    And Jami…yes, it is fairly big. We are planning for 150, but probably will not have quite that many. But I’m hoping to have a bunch of food left over so I don’t have to cook for at least a week! :giggle:

  9. Hi!  Thanks for stopping by my site…it’s nice to meet you!
    Your dad looks great!!  My dad had lots of heart problems as well, but he never had any surgery.  He passed away last year, at age 84.  He had his first heart attack at 48 or 49, and we never thought he would live as long as he did, either.  I am so glad you are getting to celebrate his birthday…and all those other ones in your family!  I know you will treasure your time with him.
    I also married off two of my kids last year (son and daughter)…I sure know what you are going through! 
    ~ Beth

  10. That isn’t too huge I don’t guess… my wedding was 75 ppl… but I guess we should remember that 25 of them were Joe’s family alone!!! heh  Thank goodness he chose not to invite his real dad and that side of the family…!!!  Goodness…!!!  We had food at my wedding also but not much in the way of leftovers.  My mom tried to plan for extra food so she wouldn’t have to cook either…  I guess everyone came really hungry! lol  Maybe you will have better luck.  Are ya’ll have a sit down meal or like finger food type stuff…?? 

  11. Bless his heart — and literally, too! He looks great for 70!! I think a lot of people are overly concerned with age, and dread birthdays, instead of celebrating their life. Aging is a blessing not a curse 🙂

  12. :goodjob:Hello, Thank you for sharing this. WOW! :fun::wave:How wonderful. Happiest day for your father and all of the September birthday guys. By the way my b-day is Sep 15, my husband Sep 23 — my niece Jasmine birthday is the 23rd-she was due the 15. Yea a bunch of us was “created” on Christmas.:lookaround: Take Care, Sharon:laugh:

  13. Your father is very blessed.  My dad had a heart attack a few years ago and I do pray that he makes it to 70.  I remember he cadiac nurse telling him that if he didn’t follow the exercise instructions when he got home that he would be back with another heart attack.  He followed them for several months after, but gradually stopped.  I know it’s only a matter of time.
    Glad your Dad had a good birthday.
    ~Blessings~     Paula

  14. Blessed birthday wishes to you and all of your family.  You are truly blessed to have your dad for this many years.  Your dad kind of reminds me of mine with that white hair, only thing is my dad was only 46 when he died and look 70 like your dad.  I’ve often wondered what he would have thought of my husband and children.  Cherish each day, month, and year with your family…I know you do.  Have a great time at the birthday bash!

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