UPDATE 10:00 p.m…..The bday party was fun. My 3 sisters and I laugh A LOT when we get together. I think we had 30 people.

Now I am baking the cake for tomorrow’s bridal shower. Chocolate with cream cheese icing, and coconut to simulate snow. After all, it is a snowflake wedding.

The little boy on the bike who was hit by a truck a few days ago, died yesterday. Here is the article from the Houston Chronicle. Bethany did not recognize his name, but he was a student at the school where she use to work.

Sept. 9, 2006, 6:37AM
Boy dies from injuries after bicycle, car collide

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An 11-year-old boy died Friday morning after being struck by a car Thursday evening in Deer Park, authorities said.

Carlton Kelly Ferguson died at Memorial Hermann Hospital from injuries he suffered Thursday about 6 p.m. after he “traded bikes with a buddy,” failed to negotiate a steep ramp into a parking lot and was struck on Pasadena Boulevard by the driver of an older model Cadillac.

Sgt. J. Yettevich , of the Deer Park police department, said the boy was “a bit unfamiliar” with his friend’s bicycle, and he “tried to go around the front of a vehicle going into the parking lot. That ramp is pretty steep, and he wound up on the outside westbound lane on Pasadena Boulevard.”

A woman driving the Cadillac, who was driving within range of the 35 mph speed limit “had zero reaction time” when Ferguson came into her path, Yettevich said.

“She struck the kid, propelled him approximately 30 feet. I think one of his tennis shoes was knocked about 50 feet,” Yettevich said.

The unidentified driver was taken into custody for driving with a suspended license by Deer Park police, Yettevich said.

Ferguson suffered “severe head trauma” as well as an injury to his left leg, and abrasions, Yettevich said.

Two school nurses from nearby Carpenter Elementary School, where Ferguson was a student, immediately stopped to render aid, as well as an off-duty Deer Park police officer, Yettevich said. The boy’s father was immediately called to the scene, and arrived before the Life Flight helicopter, Yettevich said.

“He was just an innocent, skinny little boy,” Yettevich said. “I’ve been doing this for 16 years, and everybody wants to find a reason for it, everybody wants to know why a young life gets taken.”

The final accident report will be filed in about a week, Yettevich said.

martha stewart 

I have a question….something I’m curious about. Why do some of you guys delete previous posts? I leave all my posts up. One thing I like to do is go back and read old ones….on mine and other’s sites.



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  1. :sunny: I “hide” mine because I have had too many people accidently leave comments on the wrong posts and I never see the comments .. then they say, “I left you a comment about such and such and you never responded!”  Well, ya left it on the post below ya dufus! ha!
    Anyway, if someone wants to see something from before, I go back and pull it up for them …

  2. Cindy, sometimes I hide or delete mine because I change my background so often that the colors don’t match and then I have to fix them or there are too many to fix.  LOL  I know that sounds odd.  Actually the way that I do it now, I don’t have to fix each posting.  Does that make sense?

  3. So both of the previous comments take care of my reasoning…  I get rid of mine so that I don’t have to keep up with old comments…  people are really bad about, if they haven’t read an old posts, then they sometimes go back 4 or 5 posts and will comment on all of them and then I never check on them!!!  And also so that it looks cleaner that way.  I get myself too confused going and having a trillion posts…!!  You can archive them through Xanga though, comments and all, so I do that pretty frequently so that I can have them and if someone wants my old posts then I can go back and get it, no big deal. 

  4. I don’t delete mine,  I just make some of them private.   I leave the ones that I really enjoyed doing available and sometimes I go back and look at one that was private and say hey that was good and I make it public again.    There is some that I change from public to protected for private reasons (such as me giving TOO MUCH information) haha.
    Now it is my turn,  I see where you answer some of your commenters on your own post and I am afraid I may miss answers that you have given to me that way.   I have had some people get really crazy about me coming back to their posts,  they are always calling people “Stalkers?”  so usually  I try to be polite and not go back to people’s post after I’ve commented.  So if you ever answer or reply to something I’ve commented, please drop by mine cuz I just love the stuffin outta you and don’t want to miss anything you say!
    13 days!!!!!!!!!

  5. 😆 Thanks, Tami. If somebody comments on mine, I usually try to comment back on my blog, so that the conversation does not appear strange to someone else. All the comments are right there. But if it’s something I really don’t want the other person to miss, I’ll go to their blog and either make a similar comment or tell them to check mine.
    It does seem to bother some people for someone to go to their blog and read, but not comment. It doesn’t bother me at all, so anytime you guys want to read, but don’t really have anything to say, feel free to not comment. I do that sometimes…I just don’t have anything to say sometimes. Tami, I do try to come by yours and shake my head at you! 😆

  6. Hahahah,  Your are a Blessed Lady….you have a sister and a goofy xanga friend both named Tammy/Tami born in 1959!   How lucky can one woman be!!!!
    Now your rolling your eyes………….Stop It…..giggles!

  7. :heartbeat: I have a system .. for those that comment me that day, I try to get back to them that day or the next day … I have everyone in alphabetical order, so, I do a certain amount of people every day .. it’s hard, but, I try … those of you that comment to me everyday are the ones I keep up with the most …
    Anywho, I believe Tami told me we were meeting at the Cracker Barrel … just let me know for sure so I can let everybody know …
    Lotsa fun!!!!:fun:

  8. I don’t delete mine.  I enjoying going back and seeing my struggles so that I can see how far I have come!  It helps me see the positve in everything. 
    Hope you have a great weekend! 

  9. 😦  Aww…  I’m sorry to hear that that little boy died..!!!  😦  I have been praying for him and his family…  I just couldn’t imagine a situation like that with my child!!!
    Your cake sounds yummy…!!!  I bet it is pretty too… you’ll have to take a picture of it to share with us…!!  As talented as you are, I’m sure it will turn out just perfect!!! 
    13 days and counting…!!!!!!!!!!!!  😮  Not sure if I’m ready for all of you yet! lol  :laugh:  ***hugs***  Jami  :spinning:  (dunno why I used that…  I just think its kind of neat looking! heh!!) :coolman:

  10. So sad about the little boy!
    Connie never “LISTENS” to me….I told her stateline cuz it takes wonderful pics! LOL
    Yes,   I will see you crazy ladies on the stateline at noon.  And I’m with Jami………..I’m skeered of you people!

  11. Geez Louise…  everyone is getting me all confused about our plans for meeting!!!  hahahahaha  I think this is what I’m going to do…  I’m going to wait until Thursday Sept. 21st and then I will find out what exactly is going to happen! lol  Anywho… yes Cindy… I am more scared about meeting you crazy Houston people than anyone else.  I don’t think the rest of ’em are quite as crazy as you all!!! 😀  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :heartbeat:  Seriously…  I really do!!!  I swear…!!!  hehe  :giggle:  I think Tami and I may have to buddy up against you guys…!! 

  12. HAHAHA  I don’t worry about the Arkies since my sister and bro in law and nephew live there and Joe was from there..!!!  I know they are crazy but I can handle them!!!  :giggle:

  13. That’s very sad about that boy.  I know too well the trauma from something like that.  My sister’s niece was killed in a very similar way.  She was on her bike and was hit.  The hit to the head when she came down is was killed her.  What was so sad is that the mother was in the front yard and the father and grandfather were in the vehicle behind the one that hit her.  It was horrible.
    I don’t delete any of my posts, but I have made them private.  I’ve had some recent issues with people I know personally trying to find out information that is none of their business.  That’s one reason I went protected.  I’m leaving my protected posts up for a month at a time and then at the end of each month I make them all private.
    I agree with one comment, too, regarding changing the layouts and colors.  If you go too far back on mine you’ll see all kinds of colors.  🙂
    I really, really wished I could make it to this next xanga gathering, but I mapquested the route from Tulsa to Texarkana and it’s nearly 5 hours.  That’s just a little bit too long for me to try and make lunch.  Plus, I would have to bring Faith with me and I know that would be too long of a day for her.  😦
    ~Blessings~     Paula

  14. my previous posts don’t get deleted… I just have my site set up so that it only displays one current post. Looks cleaner that way IMHO. That, and I like messing around with codes haha!

  15. “Chocolate with cream cheese icing, and coconut to simulate snow…”  OMG you soooo know what I like!  I hope your weekend continues to be enjoyable Cat Lady!
    (((((((I missed you!)))))))
    – – Annalissa

  16. That is so sad.  I hate to hear things like this – specially since I have an 11 year old! 
    RYC- yep…I grew up in OK but I was always an Oklahoma State fan…that is until I married Billy!  and no matter what…I will always be an OU fan!  🙂

  17. that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!!!  😆 😆
    Annalissa….I’m so glad to see you are back!
    TJ, both my dad’s parents were born in OK. My grandmother moved to TX when she was 4, and my grandfather when he was less than 1 year old. That would have been 1906 for him and 1914 for her.

  18. Hahahah,  I found the message so I guess her story ain’t a stickin’ no mo!   This is what I sent her, LOL….hahaha  :giggle:   I won, I won the arguement!     And what is Jami saying her,  she is just expecting me to be crazy………I’m really shy ya know!!!!
    Message to Connie: Cindy updated earlier today about meeting at the state line again then going to cracker barrell. I can’t be there until noon though, remember Thurs. and Fridays i have to do hubby’s business junk, banking payroll etc. But if I get up early and get to the mills and the bank, I could make it by noon. I hope that works out. And the state line is beautiful for those Pics!!!!
    😆   :giggle:   :spinning:   :nono:   :giggle:   😆  :nono:  

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