FedEx just brought Beth’s new guitar.
Fender GC-12 Grand Concert Acoustic
Beth's guitar



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  1. :wave:It is a beauty!:goodjob: Can’t think of a name yet, but Brandon’s was cute ~  & so was yours!:laugh: Does Steve have a suggestion yet? 😆 RYQ: What’s up? We have Tristen again for this weekend since both of her parents have Guard duty this weekend. Between school stuff, Tristen, et al, I’ve gotten so far behind on commenting, that I decided to not worry about posting something new until I can visit around. So ~ I’ve been allowing myself that privilege (i.e.- visiting my Xanga friends) between lesson planning, working with my student, playing with Tristen, etc.
    Have a wonderful weekend! :sunny: :heartbeat: Muchliesterest :love:! ~ Carolyn 🙂

  2. Oh ~ I love the revisions on your post! :heartbeat:The slide shows are so cool, and the Ethan clock is very cool!:coolman: I want it!:jealous: Pass the greetings to Ethan, and let him know I am praying for him, too. :heartbeat:

  3. Yes…  the Ethan clock is cool!!!  Some of the pictures of him are soooo funny!!!  He must be a pretty weird guy!  😉  :laugh:  Don’t tell him I said that though!! lol  But then again… look who he is friends with!! LOL  😆  :p  Just kidding!!!  Hope you have a most wonderful day today!!!  **hugs** Jami

  4. 1:30 AM?!?! You really have lost your mind!!! haha  :giggle:   I was definately in bed and asleep by 1:30 this morning…!  What were YOU doing at 1:30 this morning..????  :laugh:  Probably talking to Ethan.. haha
    Fenderella is kind of cute!! haha  I suppose its better than Fender Bender!!  haha

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