Rachael just called from work and asked for prayer. She isn’t feeling good. She thinks she is running a fever, but cannot leave work early. We’ve all been taking turns getting sick and so have the people she works with. She has been working such long hours. She really needs some time off so she can catch up on sleep.

I got to email some with Ethan last night. icon_smile_banana As long as he’s emailing, I know he’s ok.

If anyone is interested, there is still discussion going on on my Tuesday post.



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  1. yay im 1st well i hope so any way and i hope rachel gets better soon this stuff that people are getting sick withis just not good at all this year :cry:any way god bless and have a great day love shelly.:wave::heartbeat::wave:

  2. Hi, Shelly…I think her immune system is low because she is just so tired. She’ll catch everything that comes along. Bethany had the flu, so I’m surprised everybody else didn’t have it, too.

  3. Boy, I hope this isn’t the beginning of the “season”.  It’s going to be a long winter if it is.  So far Mandy, Faith, Benny and myself have been sick in the past 2 weeks.  I’m on multi-vitamins etc., but if the bug bites ya it just bites.  🙂

  4. Jami told me that she has been tired lately, so she has been going to bed early … getting up early and taking the baby to Mother’s Day Out and all …
    I’ll be back later .. gotta go see what you are all doing to my blog!:heartbeat:

  5. :wave:  Yes…  Connie’s got it right!!!  I have been in bed by 10:30 or so for the last 2 weeks…!  I haven’t been online as much lately either… I’ve been falling behind on commenting and stuff…!  Just haven’t had the interest lately. Maybe top 10 tonight… we’ll see…?!?!? heh  :giggle: 

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