Ok, now I’m starting to have bad dreams about the wedding. Last night I dreamed the bride was getting ready to walk down the aisle, but the sleeves were not yet sewn into her wedding dress. 


I am printing the invitations right now.



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  1. Cindy the wedding will be beautiful and the dress will be the highlight of the visual beauty!  I can’t wait to see pictures! You are an achiever I think, so I know you will have it all done. Don’t stress girl.  You are in my prayers~!

  2. sleeves were not yet sown ~ :wink::lol: I had this picture in my mind of you chasing down the aisle next to her putting the last stitch in as she heading down to Brandon! :laugh: I was right in the middle of this comment when my dad called (from the St. Louis area). So . . . RYC: I actually read all the way through the last 5 posts that I’d missed. I’m feeling better, now.
    RY:wave:, then Danish Doll’s comment ~ Yeah……what she said! :- ) & then your šŸ˜† ~ she was actually agreeing with a commenter who was very complimentary, who then spoke re: prophecy, & I was suspicious of the comment…. and so I checked out the site, and it was another JW propaganda site . . . so I deleted the comment, & blocked the person from coming back on my site.

  3. :sunny:Hi, I am sure everything will be beyond beautiful. I love the video. It was a very emotional/moving day attending the funeral of a fallen soldier, with the Patriot Guard Riders. I have to admit I “was” suppose to be there. I met someone and I was sharing how the Patriot Guard Riders had helped out a xanga friend–well she looked at me like what? I said, Mike-from-ND and she said his last name– she knows a-soldier that was originally riding in the same vehicle with him. You just never know. Please take care, Sharon in GA

  4. Thanks for your comment on my site.  I did read the discussion on your site about the whole America/Christian Nation debate.  I’m not much of a debater…..but I love America and I certainly don’t want God to turn his face from us because we have fallen into such wickedness, which is what he says will happen. How many times did God punish nations that turned away from him? I pray God shows mercy to this nation becasue of those of us who believe in him and try to do what is right.  Anyway…. I like you site and God Bless America

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