Well, I am exhausted, but we got some things accomplished today. After church, we went to eat Mexican Food. That’s always a good thing, unless you are trying to watch your figure.
After that, Beth, Rachael and I went shopping. We still had some things to find. Like wedding rings. Beth and I had found this one at Zales a few weeks back, that we thought matched Rachael’s engagement ring perfectly. So today Rachael finally saw it, and we got it. And it was $100 off the regular price, so that made it even better. So this is her wedding  ring:
clover band gold
We also needed to find silver sandals to go with her dress and Beth’s. It is so tiring looking for the perfect shoe. We went into every shoe store in the mall, and then finally to Sears. That’s where we found Rachael’s. Silver with rhinestones. And they were on sale.
But Beth takes a larger shoe and they are very difficult to find. And she doesn’t like a tall heel, since she is 5’10” tall. She does not want to be over 6′ tall in heels. Sears and Macy’s did not have any in her size. We finally went to a couple of shoe stores closer to our house. We found one that was beautiful, but could not find the needed size. We were about to leave, but I told Beth to run look on this clearance rack that was in the back, just to make sure we didn’t miss anything. On that rack, she found the exact shoe that we liked and could not find her size – in the right size. And it was the only silver shoe in the store in her size. So we got it. It also has rhinestones on it.
Of course, I know that the reason we found those shoes, is because when we were in the next-to-last shoe store, and were getting discouraged, I just said, “Lord help.” And He did.
Brandon has found a ring online that he likes. He is gone right now to Walmart’s jewelry department, to see what size he wears. Then we’ll order his ring. He likes this one:
I feel a little better. Now to pick tuxes and finish the dresses.


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  1. You should see this wedding ring with her engagement ring. They are not a set, but they look like they were meant to be. Brandon had talked about getting a 2 tone ring, but he found this one he likes better. The center section between the grooves will be a brushed finish, and the edges polished.

  2. You’ll make it!  I had my son’s wedding in March, turned 40 in June, moved to Tulsa in July and had my daughter’s wedding in December…..all in the year 2001!

  3. you know, I think I might actually eat better at a Mexican restaurant than any other restaurant as amazing as that may be! I love Mexican food… that is one thing that being stationed in Oklahoma is good for! The northeast doesn’t have great mexican food that often, so I’m taking it all in now!

  4. The rings are pretty. My wedding ring is picked out, as my fiance bought an antique set. ( its so pretty, white gold and a really intricate setting and of course sparkly diamonds). But for his ring, I think he likes the milgrain bands the best, so I’m trying to find one in white gold. I havent really narrowed them down yet though.That’s really fun that you’re making the wedding dress- my fiance’s aunt is making our flower girl dresses, she is a seamstress. But I’ve already got my dress picked out…http://www.mcbridals.com/Bridals/Gallery.aspx?best=True&pid=417 — there’s a link to it. I’m sure the one you’re making will be gorgeous though, what style is it?Wedding stuff is so fun, although a wee bit stressful, lol.

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