UPDATE 9:20 p.m…..I just found out today that snowflake postage stamps go on sale Friday. That is perfect to mail invitations to a wedding with a snowflake theme, don’t you think?
The bridesmaids’ dresses and the wedding dress have sparkly button down the back. This is the button:
This background doesn’t really go with the patriotic theme, but I needed one with chocolate. I told you guys yesterday that I needed coffee and chocolate. That’s exactly what I’m doing now…drinking coffee and eating chocolate.
I took Beth to work this morning, and then ran errands. I stopped at the automotive place and got a quote on fixing the car’s AC (it’s gonna be $775). It’s still in the 90’s here, eventhough it’s October. Then I went to the bank. Then I went to Walmart. I needed to get a few things, plus some stuff for the next wedding shower, which is October 15. Oh, and I picked up one Christmas present. When I saw it, I knew a certain person in my house would love it. When I got home, I hauled everything in out of the car and put it all away.
Now I’m exhausted. The fatigue that comes from this rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia is discouraging sometimes. So I’m resting before getting back to the wedding dress.
I picked up something I can just pop in the oven for dinner. Chicken Parmesan with garlic bread. Not just any garlic bread mind you, but Texas garlic bread. So you know it has to be good. And I’m going to make fudge later.



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  1. :goodjob:Hello, I love the Texas Garlic Bread-I will eat it by itself! You make me exhausted just reading your list of stuff you have done! Please try to get some rest. I was going to drive to Winder today for an errand about 40 miles one way, but I realized that I was unable to do this so I turned around. Yes, at one time I did not listen to myself but I have learned not only am I putting myself in trouble but anyone else. By the way, I was looking at some videos from the Patriot Guard’s and well I happen to noticed this one. Not “sure” if you have seen it–about Mike. I have this posted on my site right now. Many Blessings, Sharon, Flying Our Flag Proudly

  2. Just to update you and your smarty pants hubby,  I’m home and I bought gas in N. Arkansas.  by whillykers, these locals ain’t getting my dime and nickle! yeap,  2.19 here, 2.04 up there!

  3. Mmmmmm, chocolate and coffee, what a treat. The thing I miss most about living in the city is shopping and picking up Christmas presents like that.  From here shopping is always a planned event!

  4. :sunny:Hi, The button looks beautiful. The a/c went out in my SUV about a month ago. No it is not any fun! Of course, I “found” out this is a common problem and of course there has been no recalls on this–Ford Explorer. Hopefully, it will cool off –okay stay that way — soon. Trying to stay cool, Sharon in GA–saw-gasoline-for$1.99!!-today!!–yea-wow

  5. I still couldn’t believe it when you told me about the snowflake stamps. How perfect was that. When I told Brandon about it he’s like maybe the Man upstairs had something to do with it. It was something along those lines anyways and I was like it had to be and it worked out perfectly just in time

  6. Snowflake stamps…???  That will be perfect!!!!!!  I love the buttons also…  very pretty!!!  Its getting closer and closer…!!!  hehe

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