Brandon and Rachael are in the process of negotiating on a house. It needs a couple of repairs done, so the owner is getting estimates on it. (Holly – it is the one over by you that Brandon told you about.)

Also, Rachael’s employer is not figuring her years of service right, in order for her to get her full 2 weeks vacation that she has coming. They say she is starting her 5th year with them, when it is actually her 6th. Somebody cannot add. She started in September 2001. So September 2006 completed 5 years, and started her 6th. Her employer is missing a year somewhere. So I have typed it all out, so they cannot miss it. The bad thing is that the girl who cannot add this up correctly, is also the girl that does the payroll    So this needs prayer.

I just got pictures of my cousin, Tom, in Iraq. He is in Balad. Notice the name badge. When something goes wrong, superiors want to know who is responsible. Hence the name tape “Responsible One”.

Responsible one


Tom 3

base 10

Apache at Balad

base 15

My aunt said she hoped the rest of the base looked better than these pictures, because it would be like being in prison for a year.

Technically, Tom is a cousin-in law. He is married to my cousin, Jill. But they will be married 22 years this month, so he’s practically family   Jill’s brother is Ross, who is stationed in Afghanistan (see his picture on the left).

We have the business meeting at church tonight, so I better get busy on the Treasurer’s Reports.



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  1. :wave:Hi Cindy ~ I’m getting ready to head for bed, but I thought I’d get one last comment ~ to you, first! :yes: I was only behind on 3 of your posts, so that means little by little, I’m getting caught up. I hope to get caught up with everyone this weekend . . . hope, hope, hope!!1 :laugh:
    ON last 2 posts prior to current one: 1. – You know someone in high places in the postal service dept.? Very cool, & timely stamp issue!! 😆 2. Beautiful buttons. I truly don’t know how you can do all of the fine work, what with having rheumatoid arthritis and fibro~!  3. I can hardly wait to see the finished product ~ that dress is going to be gorgeous!! :goodjob:
    RE: this post ~ 1. Sad re: math skills of the girl in payroll. I’ll pray that this gets worked out properly, and in a timely fashion! 2. Thanks for the pix of Tom. Pix are always a good prayer reminder. :yes: Loving prayers for you at this time… hope you have a restful night….. C.J.:)

  2. :sunny:Hi, Yes, that is scary how some people just can not add up and does other important things like accounting? Hope you are doing okay. Love the pictures and the name tag. Take Care, Sharon in GA

  3. Thank you, ladies.
    Yes, Carolyn, I know the one who is in charge of EVERYTHING! 😉 He even MAKES the snow :laugh:  I, too, want to see the finished product! 😮 :giggle:
    Sharon, I thought the name tag was hilarious.

  4. :sunny:Wuz up buttercup?
    Love the pics of your cousin in law!
    I have been out of pocket for the last few days!
    Busy with the family … gotta spend some time with them every once in a while!ha!
    Welp, gotta go chat with the rest of your family .. so, I will be back later tater!
    Hugs, Connie:heartbeat:

  5. Yes your cousin-in-law is family to be in the family that many years.  I agree with your aunt~those pics do look like prison.

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