UPDATE 2:20….Had to show you these things I just ordered. First the snowflake plates:
snowflake plate
And a 3 tiered serving stand (it has little crystals hanging from them):
And each of the house party is getting one of these:
snowflake bear

EDIT 10:10 am….Ok, I’m trying to remember to be thankful in all situations.   Steve just called and said the starter on his truck burned up. It already had an oil leak that was pretty bad. So it is being towed from the office to a shop that specializes in deisel engines. There goes quite a bit more of that money I put in the savings, thinking it would pay for food for the wedding. But he is going out of town next week, and is driving the truck, so it has to be fixed. He doesn’t have time to do it himself.
This…right after it cost $850 to get the AC fixed in the car.
Yes, I’m up early today. I woke up when Steve got up and never did go back to sleep. I only got about 3-1/2 hours of sleep, so later today, I’ll be trying to get some adrenaline going. Right now my body is just laughing at the caffeine in the coffee.
I folded a load of towels, washed another load of towels, and have a load of clothes waiting to go in the washer. I finished loading the dishwasher. I let one dog out, and one cat in. I fed animals and cleaned up after a cat. Made coffee and had waffles. They aren’t on any diet I’ve ever seen, but I was hungry and didn’t have patience enough to fix bacon and eggs. I am going to put a roast on to cook in a little while.
I walked in the bathroom earlier and there was a cat sleeping in the tub. I’d take a picture to show you, but the tub is not clean. And I’m not in the mood to scrub it.
I am fixing to sit down and read the newspaper. I have to go back to Walmart in a little while because I forgot some things yesterday. Like zippers for the dresses. Then I have to pick Beth up from work at 3:30.
And I have to sew. My grandmother would have had nearly a whole dress made by this time of day. She use to sometimes get up at 3:00 a.m. because she had trouble sleeping, too. She put her time to far better use, though. I don’t have as much drive as she did.
Rachael mailed a bunch of invitations on her way to Curves this morning. We have many more to address. I better get busy.



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  1. 15 kitties?!… you are my hero! How did all of them come to live with you? Strays? Shelters? Kittens from existing cats? That’s so awesome… gotta love animal lovers! I LOVE that petsmart commercial, too!! Too cute!! Your post made me hungry! I love waffles. Especially belgian waffles with hot syrup and that whipped butter. Mmmmm….. I need a waffle maker! I love roast, too. Actually, the whole reason I got a crock pot was to make pot roast! I guess it’s common among creative types to work in the middle of the night. My grandmother is an artist and she stays up til like 4 and 5 AM from time to time just creating things.

  2. Yes, 15 kitties. They have all either been strays (most of them) or kittens of other strays. One time several years ago, this stray cat who hung around the neighborhood had kittens somewhere but we didn’t know where. One day, Bethany heard faint mewing outside. The mother cat had one by one, brought her kittens to our house and put them in the flowerbed right outside the front door. Of course, we kept them. She trusted us to raise her babies. There was a tom cat that was trying to get the kittens, and he actually came right up to the house and got one of those kittens. I had to beat him on the head to make him let go of that baby so I could take it.
    We have dogs, too, but all but one of them stay outside. The one that stays in is getting really old and her health won’t last too much longer. She was a neighbor’s dog, and they just decided they didn’t want her when she was around 6 months old. They change animals like they change clothes. Well….maybe more often than that. Another dog was one somebody dumped at our church. We thought he was sick and dying, but when we brought him home, he started getting better. He looks to be part greyhound. Just regular food and love fixed his problems. One of our dogs was a stray who had puppies. She got pregnant the night we took her in. We still have 3 of them…the other 3 died of parvo when they were about 6 months old. They are grown German Shepherd/Chows. The mom came to us with a rope tied around her neck and she chewed it in half to get loose.
    This is why we have to be so careful…because we are way over our limit of 3 animals in our city. All our animals have been fixed so they can’t have any more. They are well fed, and Rachael is a vet tech, so she takes care of them when they get sick. We get discounts at the vet on some of them. They cost us an arm and a leg.

  3. You know how it goes dear. I’m sure I will get enough overtime next week to cover the cost of the truck repair. God always provides for us. He does it His way of course. I would prefer He just drop a big bag of money out of the sky, but He gives me extra work to earn what I need.

  4. But on the up side…..in a few hours the whole house will smell like roast. Later I’ll add potatoes and baby carrots to the crock pot. That’s better than any potpourri :yes:

  5. 😦  It seems like when it rains it pours!!!  I’m afraid to ever say anything about my life for fear that I will jinx it and cause something else to happen… haha  ***hugs*** 

  6. I’ve been the mother of the bride and the groom, the sister of the bride and the aunt of the bride.  So I know the sress that can accompany your role.  Just be sure and take time for yourself.
    I assure you that it all comes together in the end, especially to those who are trusting that end to the Lord.

  7. Thanks, Paula. I know it all comes together in the end….I use to do this as a business. I can’t tell you how many weddings I have done. But this one is different….never have I done all the sewing, all the flowers, making the invitations, getting them out, making both cakes, all the food, and about a million other things. I’ve done all those things, just never all of them by myself. I had help. My sisters are going to help me put the food together the day of the wedding, and Rachael’s parents will be here by then. There will still be so much that they will be able to help with when they get here. We have silver bells for each guest, and we have to attach little “thank you” tags to each of them. We are making chocolate candy.
    We did just get something accomplished, though. Rachael came home at lunch to look at some stuff I had found online. We ordered all the plates (with snowflakes on them) and gifts for all the houseparty, which includes a dozen people. So that’s taken care of.
    Ooo….I better order the chocolate for the chocolate fountain.

  8. :sunny: Cindy,
    I enjoyed reading about your kitties and dogs 😉 We have six kitties and they’re all fixed as well. We have two female dogs and they’re indoor/outdoor. I told my husband if we move again they go with us. They’re with us for life.
    Thank you for the belated BD wishes. Now you and I are the same age! Hee hee.
    God bless you.
    Cynthia :heartbeat::love::heartbeat:

  9. You’re bad Cynthia. We’re not old! We’re young. We’ve got to much life to live yet. However, I do think this will be my last year to be 29!!! lol.

  10. What can I say besides I’m very partial to anything associated with the winter season (especially snowflakes)!  Hee-hee!  Sorry to hear about Steve’s car (I will pray that your needs will be provided for).  The good news is that you have money put away for said unforseen expense.  Rest assured knowing that Steve is safe in his drive out of town.  As far as the rest of your day and lack of sleep (I know of those)… you’ll have to read the very last response on my site for recommendations.  For now though… I will pray for you to receive the Holy Spirit to bring you peace, tranquility, and rest!  Pleasant dreams to you for tonight my sister!!!
    (((((((lotsa hugs)))))))
    – – Annalissa

  11. Thanks, Annalissa. I actually have a problem called Familial Delayed Sleep Syndrome (or Disorder on some websites). Bethany has it, as does my dad, and his mom before us. It’s a pain. It basically makes your sleep cycle run more like 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. rather than earlier like most people.
    We are also fortunate that Steve can drive a company truck while his is in the shop. He came home in an F-450 they call “The Beast”.

  12. I just finished hemming a table cover, which is just 11 yards of blue and white snowflake fabric. I’m working on more stuff now. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted because Beth and I had to go shopping. She needed a new pair of shoes, and then we went to Walmart. Tomorrow I’ll post about what she found in her pocket 🙄

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