UPDATE: Bethany is at work, but she really needs prayer. We are switching her antidepressants, and she is actually going through a withdrawal from the first one. It will take a few days to get the medication out of her system and the other one to take effect. She said she feels like she is having a breakdown.

I’ve been gone all day, so I probably won’t make it around to everybody today. After I took Beth to work, I had to do some more wedding shopping. Now I need coffee, and then I need to sew.

Steve gets his truck back tomorrow. To the tune of $900.

I miss talking to Ethan. Haven’t talked to him since Saturday.

leaf garland

I’ll post more in a little while. Beth and I just got back from the doctor’s office. And she has to go back next week. Then we stopped at Walmart (yes…again) to get a few things both of us needed.

Her medication is being adjusted, so right now she is not feeling very good. She has absolutely no energy and has a swimming feeling in her head. And she has to go to work shortly.


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  1. I will pray that the new batch of antidepressants will kick in soon for Bethany (and for the other to out of her system) so she won’t feel as though she is having a breakdown.  Poor thing (she definitely does not need that).
    How are you holding up with so many things going on…?
    (((((((Big hugs to you Cat Lady!)))))))
     :heartbeat:- – Annalissa :heartbeat:

  2. i know what you mean im on anti depressants too im on effexor and i get that swimming feeling all the time for the 1st 5 hours then its gone. bit it works it keeps me happier love shelly.:laugh:

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