UPDATED 7:30 p.m…..Well, more information. Brandon had joined a website where you pay to have access to any public information on a person. So he looked up Joe. He said Joe apparently still has an active Texas Driver’s License. And the post that Jami made on the MySpace on September 11 was for Joe’s birthday. I had forgotten she said it was that day, because I told her my newphew’s birthday was the same day.
Jami has talked very recently about how Joey still stands at the window in the afternoons watching for Daddy to come home, and she wondered how long he would still do that. She said he missed Daddy.
I don’t believe that Joey would still be waiting for his Daddy to come home 7 months after his “death”, given that he was only supposedly 13 months old when Joe died. Bethany said something interesting the other night: The reason Joey still stands at the window watching for Daddy to come home, is because Daddy still comes home!
Here’s some pictures from the bridal shower on Sunday. This is one of Rachael and the coaster with their initial on them  (and yes, that’s a bow from a package in her hair):
H coasters
During the “girls only” shower, Brandon and Michael (my nephew and Holly’s fiancee), went bowling. After they came back, Brandon played guitar:
Brandon playing guitar


I got Rachael’s dress all stitched together last night and the zipper in. All that’s left is to sew the buttons down the back and put the blue crystals in the snowflakes.

I’m working on Bethany’s dress right now. The bridesmaids are wearing a full skirt and top that buttons down the back. They will have the same buttons as Rachael’s. I should have it finished tomorrow.

The guy who was supposed to come and give an estimate on fixing Beth’s Explorer didn’t come this morning. After I got up early so he could. Not happy about it. I called him and he did give me a reason why he didn’t come, but I told him I would have appreciated a phone call to let me know. So we are rescheduled for tomorrow.

I was sitting here at the computer this morning and Whiskers jumped up on the desk at least a half dozen times. The last time, I tried to get him off the desk and he hit my coffee cup, dumping it all in my lap. The cup hit the floor and broke. So now we’re down one favorite coffee mug.


I’m pretty down about all that’s happened in the last few days. I was noticing a nagging feeling to distance myself for the last couple of weeks, but I didn’t know why. It’s just a wonder we ever trust any other human being. There are people who momentarily make you never want to trust again. 



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  1. You’re making tons of progress on those dresses!! The wedding dress (from a few posts back) is absolutely GORGEOUS!! You have such talent!! I bet your future daughter in law is thrilled to have you for a future mother in law

  2. I know how you feel about never wanting to trust someone again. People around here are NOT trustworthy at all I have found. And it’s always *just* when you think you know someone! God tells us to forgive but often times, He has to remind me how and why I should. Sometimes I *still* think that people don’t deserve forgiveness, but if God can forgive murderers then who am I not to forgive, right? There are people that I will never ever forgive, and that’s just the way it is and the way it has to be…. but it depends on the circumstance. People usually hurt others (when it’s intentional) because of something they themselves are lacking. Unfortuntately, that’s a fact of life. Either that, or it’s out of boredom, which is just stupid.So I am assuming Whiskers is a kitty cat?!

  3. We can’t trust people… not even ourselves… but we can trust God… what does that mean???We can trust God to make right everything we have suffered – some in heaven, some on earth… we are so blessed to have children that follow the Lord…we are so blessed to have at least one person in our lives that truly loves both God and us and prays for us…we are so blessed to have so much that we can give away extravagantly…we are so blessed to know the Living God and be assured of heaven…and so much more.I don’t know what it would be like to be a ‘taker’… a ‘user’… a person who lives a life of deception… and then I remember how many times I have taken from God, used God and deceived myself about my own ‘goodness’.Living with a past of so much abuse, I am thankful that life turned out with so much goodness and pity those who live lives so far away from God.You are so blessed Cindy… you have such a beautiful heart and life… you get to live with yourself every day :sunny: You don’t have to be ashamed of the person that you see in the mirror every day.love you sister and friend

  4. You are right, Lauryn. Sometimes we hurt people accidentally by something we might say without thinking first. But so many times people hurt others for their own gain. God does say to forgive, and we must. But….that does not mean things have to go back to the way they were. Our pastor has preached several times on it, and Steve has taught it in a Bible Study. When you forgive someone, you no longer feel like they owe you anything. But you don’t have to go back to the way things were before. Only under certain circumstances would that be necessary, like in a marriage.
    And yes, Whiskers is one of our kitties. He is one that Rachael brought home from work several years ago. He was brought in to their vet clinic and stayed for a while, and then came home with her. He has adopted Steve, and when Steve is out of town like he was this week, Whiskers sits in his chair waiting for him to come home.

  5. Thank you, Suzanne. You know how to make me cry, but they are good tears 😥 :heartbeat:  I just find it so difficult to deal with when people lie about me. It has happened at church, too. Other people wanted the positions I had, and were jealous enough to try to take me out of them. It didn’t work. But it grieves me to see somebody so in need of God, appearing to want Him, and appearing to be full of love, but at the last minute, the real person surfaces. It’s a shock to later find out that a person is so capable of bald-faced lies.

  6. I loved the pictures, Cindy!  And as for the other drama going on, I have been away from xanga ,as you know and not up on things.  I am thinking that this is the lady that you recently met in Texarkana, right?  So sad…I love ya, CIndy..Yes, muchliest!  Paula

  7. The wedding dress is beautiful!!! She is one lucky gal! So, do you have any other big projects to work on when you are done with the wedding? It is so hard to know who we can trust anymore & I HATE that!!

  8. I love the CVS idea!  I wonder if I can get a family photo done like that!  😆  And size 10 would be nice, but right now I’d settle for a 14! 😮
    I completely understand the whole trust issue.  About 10 months ago I was accused of some ‘stuff’ on xanga…nothing like Jami is actually doing…but it hurt that a ‘friend’ whom I knew both on xanga and from church would actually think that of me.  She has left ugly comments on other’s sites and has since told certain people that she knows I’m innocent, but she has never confronted me about it.  I’m not sure if she’s embarrased or if she prefers to just act like it never happened.  But the relationship will never be the same…and I’ll always have to wonder if what I type will be mis-interpreted.
    Enough about that!  The dress and everything else you’ve been doing look awesome!  You are so talented!  I can sew…but not like that!  I wanna be like Cindy! 😉

  9. Cindy, I’m glad you said “momentarily”.  We all can really feel like just giving up on humanity in some of our “moments”, but can you imagine what kind of moments Christ had?  Watching and feeling the utter betrayal of the same people who hailed his entry into Jerusalem only a few days before.  Yet in it all he loved and forgave.
    Jami needs God in the worst way and so does Joe.  The sin of deception is one that Satan used to bring about the fall of man.  What they have done is no different.
    Forgive them, love them, pray for them, but give them to God.  Your family deserves for you to give them your full attention, especially with this upcoming wedding.
    Love ya!Paula 

  10. 😆 😆 😆 I’ll tell him Tami. He’ll get a kick out of it!
    I know, Paula. I just cannot imagine that we betray Him all the time and He still loves us. I’ll be over this shortly….it just takes a while to get past the shock.

  11. Two dogs are walking down the street, one says, “Wait a minute” and then crosses the road. He sniffs around a fire hydrant and returns. The other dog says, “What was that all about?” The first dog replies, “Just checking my messages!”

  12.  Thanks for the updates! Nice to “meet” you !!!! :wink:OH……i LOVE the dress……such talent! :goodjob:I will post the peanutbutter fudge recipe……it’s made in the microwave & is SO easy!Hope you have a Happy Friday!
    Blessings Hun!Terry :o)~

  13. what the wedding dress is almost done you are so going to have to post pictures and the pictures you posted today looked like they had alot of fun and also dont forget about heart beat monday  at connies blogg love shelly.:laugh::fun:

  14. Cindy, it won’t be long until the wedding.  Whatever will your next sewing/craft project be?  Will you be working on something for Christmas?

  15. Oh, Gina….I hope not :laugh:
    Thanks, Christy. It is getting better. The shock is starting to wear off. I got closer to her over more months than most. I have been talking to her since right after it was supposed to have happened. That’s why I’ve been worried about Debbie, because I know she got close, too.

  16. :goodjob:Congrats on the beautiful work you have been doing. I’m so glad that Whiskers didn’t do that when you were working on the dresses or veil. I actually thought about that just the other day. :nono: There are people who momentarily make you never want to trust again. I’ve been thinking of you and praying about that ~ for you and for the rest of your family. Muchliest love! :love:Carolyn:heartbeat:

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