UPDATE 10:30 p.m…..Go to Brandon’s blog to see the pictures and videos they took of the air show today. He has a link to his website and 3 videos he up loaded to YouTube of the Air Force Thunderbirds.

Just in case you ever need to know,  two 100 ounce bottles of liquid laundry detergent splitting open makes a big mess. Take my word for it.

It is raining out there again today, but Brandon and Rachael are still gone to the Wings Over Houston Air Show at Ellington Field. That is our former Air Force Base. Go  here  to read about the air show. The Air Force Thunderbirds are here this year. The flying usually starts around noon, and we are starting to hear the planes. This year, Brandon splurged and got them the best tickets. They are expensive, but they get special parking, their seating is covered (so today they won’t get wet), and they get all you can eat food served at their seats. They really enjoy the air show.

I’m still working on bridesmaids’ dresses. Beth’s is almost finished. Holly, I’ll call you this coming week to try yours on. The wedding is 4 weeks from today!



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  1. :sunny:Hey woman!  You are just amazing, working on all these dresses and stuff … how many Bridemaids are there?
    I can’t wait to see the finished product!!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. :laugh: There’s only 2 bridesmaids and one flower girl. There was originally 3, but one has kind of removed herself from the bride’s life, so she isn’t in the wedding now.

  3. Those airshows are so much fun!! When we lived in Arizona years ago we were able to go to one in Tucson. Those thunderbirds are amazing to watch…they fly with such precision!! You really broke two 100 oz. bottles of laundry soap….that would NOT be a fun mess to clean up…very slimy I imagine!! Did you break it in the house? I hope it wasn’t on carpet!!! UGH….Have a great Sunday!!

  4. Thanks, Carolyn for bringing the sunshine :goodjob:  :heartbeat:
    Becky, I had them in the kitchen. I had several because they were on sale, and I stacked them beside the washer. A couple of them fell and cracked. They didn’t leak a great deal, actually, just enough to make a sticky mess. I soaked it all up with a towel and through the towel in the washer. That way I salvaged the soap-I just won’t add more to the wash.

  5. :sunny:
    Sorry I haven’t been on here… unfortunately now it seems both computers are on the fritz.  Arghhhhhh! 
    Just read up on the October 18th. post and OMG(gosh) that is just in a word “sad”.  If anything, somebody ought to call Child Protective Service… who knows whatever scams their pulling that may be endangering their child’s well-being.
    I’m just so P.O.’d about the entire situation…
    (((((((comforting hugs to all who opened their hearts to said savages)))))))
    – – Annalissa

  6. Sharon, I thought you would enjoy those pictures and videos.
    Annalissa….I have been wondering about you. I was starting to think you fell off the face of the earth. :giggle: I know….I feel the same way about everything that has happened. You opened your heart to her, too.
    Hi, Shirley….It’s only the 2nd wedding dress I’ve made. I made mine, too. As soon as I get it finished completely (I just have to put the crystals on it now), I’ll post some pics. It’s not really that difficult, but I have had to stop and do some designing as I went along.

  7. Hi there! Thanks for coming by to visit with birthday wishes. Air shows are such fun. We get them here a Brnes and Westover alternating years. Thunderbirds are our favorite team. {{HUGS}} jeanne

  8. oh nooo!!! You spilled?! Anything that bubbles up is a MESS to clean up! It’s as if it gets worse by trying to clean in!! I spilled shampoo a couple times and it’s a holy mess… I can’t imagine laundry detergent.

  9. Just in case you ever need to know,  two 100 ounce bottles of liquid laundry detergent splitting open makes a big mess. Take my word for it.
    That sounds like something that would happen to me (freak accidents… I’m good at that).  *snorting uncontrollably*
    How is everything else going with you…?
    (((((((Miss you!)))))))
    – – Annalissa
    RYC I know.

  10. Annalissa, you crack me up. I can just see you snorting uncontrollably πŸ˜†
    Lauryn, I got most of it up with a towel, but you should have seen me trying to rinse out a sponge I was using. The bubbles just wouldn’t quit. πŸ™„

  11. :giggle: RYC Yes I would!!!  *laughing goofily at self* :giggle:
    You be good to yourself purdy lady… I hope and pray that you will have a FANTASTIC week!
    – – Annalissa :heartbeat::love::heartbeat:

  12. OMG……..sorry about the laundry detergent……I will just take your word for it that it is a mess and not try that at my house! πŸ˜‰ I am surprised that it hasnt happened to me before tho……..i am s sucker for a good sale at the stores so I am like you and will always buy extras ………my motto is “IF it can happen, it WILL…….and especially to ME! :pHope you had a great weekend!Blessings Cindy!Terry :o)~

  13. We are busy at our home with a guest from Ohio… my son Nathan’s girlfriend :sunny: We met her 2 1/2 years ago through Xanga. I think she is the one God made for Nathan, but time will tell. Lanora will be here until Nov. 2.I hope you are feeling better… much love to you.

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