UPDATE 11:25 p.m…..Sorry I haven’t made it around to all the blogs today. I’ve been busy. Had bunches of errands to run this afternoon, and now I’m working on the last bridesmaid’s dress. I finally cheated and bought me something to wear. I had bought fabric to make a dress, but I’m just plain tired of sewing.

Here Connie….these are your kitties:
RLA 10-25-06

One more thing was accomplished for the wedding yesterday. Brandon picked the tuxes. All the guys are wearing black tuxes. The groomsmen are wearing royal blue vests and ties. Brandon’s are silver. I’ll try to get a picture.
Brandon had the house inspected Tuesday, and the news is not all that good. It has quite a few bad things that take away from the value of the house. Most of the things Brandon could fix, but the price of the house needs to be lowered. The man who owns it lives in Indiana, and hasn’t lived in it for 10 years. It has been rental property that wasn’t properly taken care of. However, it does have an addition that wasn’t properly built. They haven’t decided what to do yet. 



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  1. :sunny:Wow .. this is going to be a gorgeous wedding … love the colors!
    Before we moved into our house, the owner had to fix some things … I guess, it would be hard if the owner lives in Indiana … but, I’m wondering if he would be willing to reimburse Brandon for fixing the things?
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Hugs, Connie

  2. I think he might be…they will just have to see when they fax the guy the report and pictures from the inspection. They really like this house. It needs the dishwasher and wall oven replaced – the oven has holes in the bottom. Some of the construction in a room that use to be the attic is not that great, but it could be fixed. But this guy is not willing to cover any of the closing costs. He is fixing the foundation because it had a crack.

  3. :heartbeat::sunny::heartbeat:
    Hi sweetie~ Sorry about the house.  Man, that’s too bad.  Buying and selling a house….frankly, BITES!!  In amongst the stress of the wedding, throw in the purchase of the house…boy, I’ll bet they are ready to run away after the wedding!!
    Hang in there!!  I have to keep reminding myself, say a little prayer before I do something or SAY something.  Practice makes perfect!
    Be blessed my friend!!

  4. Cindy,
    You all are so organized!  I will definitely need advice next spring before my daughter is married!
    That’s a shame about the house.  I hope it all works out.

  5. Hi, Gina and Jamie….I hope it works out, too. There is still the possibility that he will work with them. They were pretty disappointed. Gina, I’m not feeling too organized at all right now. I feel like things are pretty helter skelter. When the sewing is done, I will feel better.

  6. I am just such an asparagus. Ha! Okay, well, back when I was a senior in high school, I would email on of my youth group leaders, Sherry, pretty much daily. Just to say “hey”, or whatever. I would title them with things such as “steamed asparagus, anyone?” or “yum, asparagus for breakfast! You have to try it!” but when it comes down to it, I really don’t enjoy asparagus because well, I’m not a huge health nut. (It takes a lot to get me to eat brocolli alone!) So, I’d tell my mom that it was like eating my precious Veggietales, and that was like canabolism, and oh.. poor Larry, Junior, and Bob! No one was safe. Anyway, after all this, my YG leader, Sherry, started referring to me as her “little deranged asparagus”, and well, it stuck. I thought about changing my screen name a while back, but then figured, why waste a good thing? Hehe. Plus, I like it, and it just suits me. You know?

  7. Hey there!
    Yes, Kenny was as nice as you could imagine he is. We fell in love with him and so many others there. It was just the coolest thing. My only regret was for the many folks who couldnt make it that wanted to go.
    As you can tell we had a blast!

  8. Boo!  Thought I would drop in and give you a good ole arkansas skeer.   I know you have Arkansas roots,  ha, I could tell before you told me…………that is why you luv the stuffin’ outta me!   We R Kin!

  9. :wave: Hi Cindy ~ 1. I love the cat cartoon! I’ll have to send it to my cat-loving children! :laugh: —2. I agree with Gina! You are so organized! (Plus ambitious & hard-working!) I’m sure that Steve, Brandon, Rachael, & Bethany would agree on that one! :yes:  —3.  I agree with Connie ~ this is going to be such a gorgeous wedding!:goodjob:— 4. I’m agreeing ~ praying re: the house, that God would provide the best situation for Brandon & Rachael. :heartbeat:— Muchliest:love: ~ Carolyn ๐Ÿ™‚

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