Update midnight: Brandon and Rachael have exercised their option NOT to get the house. She posted about it here. The decision had to be made tonight. It had many things wrong with it, which Brandon could have fixed, but the seller did not want to pay any of the closing costs. Those in addition to the selling price made it just too much…much more than the house is worth. They are disappointed because they really liked this house. But it has some structurally unsafe things about it. The inspector that Brandon hired said that he would not buy it because it would be a money pit. So…they look some more. We prayed about it at the Bible Study tonight and everybody felt it was a bad idea to go through with it. But they are really feeling the pressure now. The wedding is 3 weeks away.
I believe I actually made it around to all the blogs today.

We have the Bible Study tonight and some shopping to do. And I am working on finishing up Holly’s dress for the wedding. I have some left to do on Beth’s, but I am waiting because she is losing some weight. As of yesterday, she was down 8 lbs in the last 2 weeks! I’m gonna have to do some alterations.

And that stupid headache is still here….for more than a week now. It just won’t go away.



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  1. I know a girl getting married in March, she has already paid a CHUNK for alterations and I just shake my head at her,  alot can change in 5 months.
    So your calling SingingDad your headache now huh???  Maybe I’ll name Pap that too!!!! :giggle:  :giggle:  :giggle:

  2. Hey girl, too bad about the headache, I pray it goes away soon.  Good for Bethany loosing weight!  I am working on mine
    Have a good weekend,  Cynthia

  3. Friday night at 7:30—-I have a major pain in my rear……………………………he is watching a “Shoot’em Up” on the western channel.  Why did I ever agree to satelite???

  4. :wave: Thank you Cindy for all of your comments and the encouragement that you give to me just by stopping by and smiling and waving. :yes:Truly muchliest :love: to you~ & I’m praying that your headache will go away! :yes: (Er…not Steve πŸ˜‰ . . . just the other one! :() :heartbeat::)

  5. πŸ˜†  Carolyn, he read the comments and said, “Now Carolyn’s in on it!”  πŸ˜†  I’d like to thank you ladies for being on my side πŸ˜† (And no, Doug, I’m not calling you a lady πŸ™„ )

  6. I’m glad they didn’t get the house. God will provide… and they proved their trust by waiting for the ‘right’ house.We both know that there are always more problems that you see once you get into a house!

  7. Oh, yes…you are right. I was nervous about this house. I don’t know if we’ll ever know what kind of problems God kept them from running into by allowing this to happen. Brandon’s pretty bummed, but I  just didn’t think this was the right one. When they first found it I felt better about it than another they looked at, but a nagging feeling began to set in. I felt better that all of us at the Bible Study felt like it was a bad deal, and all of us are homeowners, except for Beth, of course.

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