This is so cute! Thank you, Carolyn!
dancing kitties

Much to do today. I have to go to the church later and decorate for tomorrow’s church-wide Thanksgiving dinner. And I have to work on wedding stuff. So I probably won’t make it around to everybody today. The wedding is 2 weeks from tomorrow.
Thought I’d tell you what my sisters did for Brandon and Rachael. They went together and rented them a suite at a beautiful place down in Galveston for 3 nights. So they will have a honeymoon. They had not planned one because they thought they would be in a house by now.
Here’s a couple of pictures:




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  1. I’ve never been to Galveston but we’re going pretty soon because we know some folks down in Houston and Katy, TX. I love the gator in the pool haha!

  2. Well, the water in the picture is deceptively blue. The water at Galveston is more brownish colored because of all the mud stirred up by the Mississippi River. The water to the west of the river is muddy, where the water to the east is blue. That’s why Florida’s water is so pretty.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, what an awesome gift!!!  I am rejoicing with them!  Yes, the water is a bit ugly at Galveston, but it is still one of my favorite places.  I love the old homes and walking down the Strand.  We will be heading to Houston for a family cruise in about a week!  Anyhoooooooooo, it sounds like things are falling together for the wedding.  What about the last house they looked at…Is it a possibility?  With muchliest love and prayers, paula

  4. We are still waiting to see about the house. They have first dibs to get in to see it, but they haven’t been able to yet. The realtor who is listing the house is being horsey.
    Paula… just went on a cruise. :wha:

  5. I know…I know…This cruise is our gift to our daughter for her college graduation.  She graduated last May, but the prices are better in the fall, so we found a great deal and booked it last spring for November.  She and her husband are so excited!  And then, our son and his wife are going, too.  And a few weeks ago, my folks decided to book the cruise, because space was available and the price had dropped even more!  ANyhoooooooo, sure wish I could meet you!  Sending muchliest love–paula

  6. I think you may be dancing like those kitties by the time you live through the upcoming wedding and get those kids off on their honeymoon ;)… and ….btw….happy anniversary….these days anyone who makes it to 27 years needs to be congratulated!!!!

  7. Yes, Paula…that is the one! It is now owned by Hawthorne Suites.
    Thank you, Shirley. We were talking about it tonight…what it feels like to be married that long. Sometimes it seems like just a short time, but we’ve been married well over 1/2 our lives.

  8. Ahhhhh, they will love that!  At least, we did when we stayed there!  Of course, it has been a few years.  It seems that now we are simply leaving the morning of and getting to the pier! 

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