If you haven’t done it yet, go vote. People have died so you can have that right.

But vote intelligently. Don’t vote for someone because they look better than another candidate.

  I love America



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  1. This telemarketer girl just called me to remind me to vote,  I told her I was going to.  Then she asked me if she could ask more questions.   Her first question was,   Do you mind me asking how old you are,  I said of course not,  can I ask you how much you weigh????  hahaha  She didn’t know what to say…..many questions later, I guess she forgot how old I said I was, she asked if I had children and grandchildren and if they were going to vote today.    I told her that my kids were,   but I would have to check on the grandkids!    I think I have her all flustered for the day now.    Can you believe I would do such a thing????

  2. 😆 I can’t believe people would vote for the cutest, but there were women who said they voted for Bill Clinton because he was good looking. I guess looks are definitely in the eye of the beholder! 😮

  3. ryc – I knew there was something familiar about that – I’ve only heard that version once – but I just decided to try to be cute.  Instead, I ended up looking dumb.  Kinda goes along with your theme ^^!  Oh well!
    Have fun finishing up your sewing for the big day.  I pray everything goes well!

  4. So I went and voted………..did i mention that my polls are within a hundred yards of my house!   So I can’t use the excuse that it is too far to drive.   Lots of traffic to the little Church on the hill here today,  more than I’ve seen in forever so that means we are having a good voter turn out!

  5. :laugh: No, you didn’t mention that. So you could get your exercise walking there, and kill 2 birds with one stone by voting! It’s hard to tell how the turnout is here….when I went there were no open machines, but voters were going through fairly quickly. For some elections, there have been hardly any people at all. But we are electing a governor, and I don’t want any Kinky person in the governor’s mansion! :giggle:

  6. Oh, forgot something….when I was little, my mom’s parents both worked at the polls. The earliest I can remember about the polling place was it was the very small railroad depot. So my grandmother actually took us out to walk on the railroad tracks. 😮 I was terrified we were going to be hit by a train, eventhough there was not one within miles. But the polling place was moved to the elementary school where I went and my parents went. It is right across the street from our church. That school has been torn down and a new one built, but I have many fond memories of playing on the stage in the school auditorium while people voted. We’d just go down there and hang around, and nobody thought anything about it.

  7. :laugh: :yes: I have thought that, too. I really object to just rounding up people and registering them. If they don’t really know what the election is about, and don’t understand any issues, it might be more dangerous for them to vote.
    And I don’t like the turn this election has taken.

  8. :heartbeat: I voted! whoo hoo!
    Thank you for your prayers concerning my health … I have been resting a lot  and I hate it! ha!  I have a stress test on Thursday .. I will be giving everyone updates as we go along!
    Hugs, Connie

  9. This election could go several ways:1)If the Republicans look at their all-around defeat and say “This is because of Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Duke Cunningham and others like that,” then the Democrats will continue to win, because it will mean that the Republicans are truly certifiable morons.2)If the Republicans acknowledge that this was going to happen *in spite8 of all those scandals, and that the country as a whole was dissatisfied with the “conservative” party expanding the welfare state, letting Government spenind grow faster than inflation (even not including defense spending), refusing to address the issues and resorting to personal attacks, and generally abandoning the principles uner which they took control in 1994, then they’ll be ripe for change, and return to the principles that a majority of the country wants. If they do that, they’ll win in 2008.3)I’m taking bets on the next speaker. My money is *not* on Pelosi. What say you guys.

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