Update 4:45 p.m….Here are a couple of pictures I wanted to show you. The first is the wood bead board ceiling Steve is putting up in our kitchen/dining area. We still have to do lots of trim work.

Picture frame 004

And this is a picture frame we are working on to hold a copy of the wedding invitation. It is silver. Then Beth got the idea to glue little blue crystals in each square on the frame. So I have done crystals on the bottom. Beth will finish it. It really sparkles in the light.

Picture frame cpd


Arrrrrrgggghhhhh!!! Thank you for listening. I need chocolate.

I’m still sewing (hence the above scream). I have had to pretty much design Bethany’s bridesmaid’s dress. It will be slightly different from Holly’s since she is the maid of honor. The alterations on this thing have been unbelievable. I just had to put it on her and pin every place that needed a dart or needed to be made shorter or needed seams taken in.

Beth got her “trucklette” back today. It was wrecked almost 2 years ago. We found a friend of a friend of a friend (got that?) that fixed it and did a good job. One body shop said it would be about $4000. This one did it for $1217. Quite a difference. It is having the front end aligned right now. It’s important for both front wheels to go straight, and in the same direction  

We’ve had some big problems with church finances, but I temporarily got some of those worked out yesterday, so that’s at least one immediate concern that I can worry about later. It’s not fixed permanently. That would require the offering to be higher.

Back to sewing.



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  1. Yep…you are exactly right. Almost all this wedding has come from Hobby Lobby at 1/2 price! I don’t think I’ve paid full price for more than one or two small things. Hobby Lobby….one of my favorite places. I believe I like it even better than Walmart :giggle: We were there yesterday afternoon.

  2. Oh, thanks for directing me here to see the ceiling…It is so beautiful!  I absolutely love it!!!!!!!  Adn I love the frame with the blue crystals…Everything has a special touch to it!  Sending lots of love and prayers–Paula

  3. Okay that mean ole hubby of yours has done a wonderful job, I love it!
    And what a great idea on the frame,  bet it is time consuming,  so what kind of glue do you use so they don’t fall off? 
    What are you going to do with yourself after the wedding?  Your gonna be bored!

  4. I’m gonna sleep after the wedding :giggle:
    I’m using hot glue on the crystals. I had to experiment to get just the right amount of glue so it doesn’t show. But once I got it down, it was easy.
    Thanks, ladies. I really like the ceiling. We had holes in the sheetrock from Steve repairing water pipes. Rather than replace sheetrock, which is a nasty job, I decided I liked the wood. It matches another ceiling in the living room.

  5. I absolutely love the new ceiling!! :heartbeat: It is beautiful! :goodjob: We need to do something for our main bathroom ~ a real make-over! I may have to start looking at different ideas. Is Steve for hire? :laugh: It’s hard to believe that it is just over a week now until the wedding. You must be just totally exhausted! Praying for you just now, Cindy. Muchliest :love: love ~ Carolyn 🙂

  6. Thank you, Carolyn. I need the prayers. I just finished Beth’s outfit, except for sewing on a hook and eye on the waistband. Whew! I thought I’d never get that finished. I am fixing to go to bed. When I start to feel dizzy, it’s not good :giggle:

  7. You have my admiration for all the work you have done as mother of the groom!  I would have never tackled sewing the girl’s dresses on top of coordinating all the wedding details.  You have done a wonderful job!!!  What we won’t do for our kids.  🙂  I sure hope your daughter-in-law truly appreciates and loves the mother-in-law that she is receiving.  May God bless you all.

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