B&R Nov 2006 50%

We just got back from the rehearsal and dinner. The rehearsal went very well and everything looks beautiful. Steve put together a slide show of the kids pictures when they were growing up, to the song “100 Years.” It made me cry.

I’m just finishing up cakes and a few odds and ends. We are meeting at the church at 10:00 in the morning to put all the food together.

Right now, Brandon, Justin, Michael and Caleb (Rachael’s brother) are having a wild bachelor party at my sister’s (where we had the rehearsal dinner.) They are going to build some big Lego sets, drink Dr. Pepper, and eat chocolate chip cookie dough right out of the container.

Rachael, Bethany and Holly are going to Holly’s to watch videos and play games. They are all going to get their hair done in the morning.

We’re almost there. I hope I remember to get up in the morning.



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  1. :wave:Hi Cindy ~ I hope that you are sleeping peacefully, and getting a good rest for tomorrow.:sleepy: I have been praying ~ for you and all of the other family members (both the in-laws, and you all). :yes: The dress is so gorgeous! :goodjob:Please try to enjoy the day to the fullest, and not to be concerned about every little detail tomorrow (er…today).:heartbeat: I am praying you right through the weekend! :littlekiss: Muchliest love:love: ~ Carolyn šŸ™‚

  2. Cindy,
    The moment has arrived!  I am sure it will be beautiful.  You have put so much into this wedding.  God bless you!  Your son and daughter are very blessed to have you as their mother/mother-in-law.  I pray that your day goes perfectly without a hitch and that the bride and groom live happily ever after.

  3. Just stopping by again to see if there were any pics of the wedding posted yet.  I guess by now you are pretty much dead on your feet!  Can’t wait to see the pics!  I’ll check back tomorrow.

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