More Wedding Pictures

Here’s a few more pictures. These aren’t the final ones, since they have the dates stamped on them, but I didn’t think you’d mind.  The official photos are being put on DVD as we speak.
Go to Bethany’s site to see pictures of her hair and a funny video of Andy playing with our bubble machine we used at the wedding. I told Beth she cannot get married for a couple of years, so we can recover from this one.

This first one is Glenn snoozing at the rehearsal. He was one of the usher/candlelighters. He stayed up all night Thursday night because he barbequed all the meat for  the rehearsal dinner.

Glenn snoozing

Steve and I carrying our candle to put in the unity candle:

Groom's parents

The flowergirl and ringbearer:

Makayla and Jeremy

Here comes the bride:

Here comes the bride

Her “Daddio” is giving her away to Brandon:

Who gives this woman

Given away

Bethany is singing (we did a duet):

Beth sings

They are now man and wife:

Man and wife



Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Hartman (wow…that sounds weird!)

Under the arch

And the whole wedding party:

Wedding party

Cutting the cake:

cutting the cake

The cake (Caleb got to put the blue food coloring in the fountain):

The cake

The rings:

Picture frame 124

A groom and his mom:

Brandon & Cindy

This is Kathryn, who helped us so much with decorating and food:

Picture frame 102

And finally, this is Andy (the sheltered pianist who asked about the Legos) and his little brother, Jeremy, who was the ringbearer.

Andy & Jeremy



21 thoughts on “More Wedding Pictures

  1. BEAUTIFUL!! You did an awesome job on those dresses…they look so good on all the girls!! And wow…that wedding gown is gorgeous!!! I bet you are ready to just crash for a week & do nothing!! It is amazing how a wedding can consume our days for months & then the day comes & it is all over in a matter of hours! Now take some time off to pamper YOU!! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks, Ladies. Becky, I have been resting today :goodjob: This is my comment to Paula in my last post:
    I have been resting all day. Didn’t even get out of my robe all day. I stayed home from church this morning because I was in too much pain. My rheumatoid arthritis flared really bad this week, and with all the walking I did during the decoration phase and wedding, I could barely walk today. My feet and ankles were very swollen, and it felt like somebody was sawing my feet off at my ankles. So I loaded up on pain meds and have mostly stayed off my feet.

  3. Cindy, I am glad you are resting.  I pray that you will be feeling better each day.
    Everyone looks so happy and lovely!  And your son looks so TALL!

  4. Oh this snowflake blue wedding turned out beautiful.  Now if I can find my son a wife, I’ll help do a snowflake wedding!  Just precious all of them.   And to top it off with “Lego Andy” ha.   too funny
    Enjoy your Monday sweet pea!

  5. Thanks for posting these.  I’m glad I can share photos of the wedding with Nicole without having to wait until my parents get back.
    Thanks for all of your hospitality and everything you did to make the wedding so spectacular.
    God bless

  6. so beautiful! You did such a wonderful job! My wedding was only 4 months ago and it seems like forever when I look at other peoples wedding pictures.

  7. Thanks for all of your hospitality and everything you did to make the wedding so spectacular.
    Caleb, thank you for helping out. You were willing to just jump in and do whatever needed to be done. Thank you for taking care of that chocolate fountain before the wedding, because I had completely forgotten about it with everything else there was to do. I really enjoyed meeting your grandmother, Dorothy and Tiffany. Tiffany also helped with a few things. She is very sweet. I wish Olof could have made it there. Tell him hello for us and share some pictures with him.
    I thought that you might like to share some pictures with Nicole. I wish she had been able to come. So I guess you didn’t have any problems with the airport?
    (For those who don’t know….Caleb is Rachael’s brother.)

  8. Gina…..I am getting better each day. My feet and ankles still hurt, but not like yesterday. I was actually crying trying to walk yesterday. That’s not normal for me….I’m the one who went without pain meds after my last c-section. I can take a lot of pain. But it is getting much better.
    Thank you all for the compliments. There were little things that went wrong, but not things that made any difference in the outcome. Things like some of the lights didn’t get plugged in, or the pastor “presented” them as man and wife a tad too early. But it was still wonderful. I can’t believe they are married now. Still doesn’t seem real. But it does seem strange for them not to be here at night right now.

  9. wow!!!!  These are beautiful!  She looked so pretty and Brandon looked so handsome!  I’m sure that you are glad that this is overwith and you now and look forward to the Thanksgiving holiday!  You worked so hard on all the stuff and you are such a great mom!  My hat is off to you! Way to go girl!!!

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