The Wedding

wedding photo

My brother-in-law, Bill, took most of the pictures tonight. He is the father of the two groomsmen, and also the person Brandon works for. He did an excellent job. I would set up the pictures, and he would shoot. I’ll post  more later when he gives me a cd of the pictures.  Dave and Chris (our youth/music minister and his wife) also took pictures. I have not seen them yet, but Steve said they are really good.

My sisters all worked on food, along with some of the church ladies. We couldn’t have done this without them. Everything was beautiful.

Brandon cried during the ceremony. He is the third generation of my family to get married in our church.

Andy, our pianist (keep in mind he is only 14 years old and leads a very sheltered life), cracked up a few people in the reception. He asked Brandon if he planned to finish building his Legos tonight. Steve and Mark were laughing so hard and Andy said, “What? I don’t understand.” Rachael’s dad, Charles, said, “And what did Brandon say?”

It was fun. I’m dead now, but it was fun. I told a couple of ladies tonight that one minute they are not married, and the next they are. It doesn’t seem real yet.



20 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Beautiful!!  I was praying for you and your family today.  I am so happy to hear all went well. 
    LOVE the legos comment.  Isn’t it great to have children that aren’t “in the know” about EVERYTHING?My kids would probably say the same thing.  🙄 

  2. Thank you. I appreciate the prayers. And we aren’t going to let Andy forget the Legos comment. The day he gets married, we’ll be asking him if he is taking Legos with him on the honeymoon :giggle:

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! :goodjob: And I’m sure that you and Steve (&….??? more) will be able to remember to remind poor Andrew of his innocent comment. So ~ did Brandon finish playing with his Legos last night? :giggle::lol::laugh: ~ Muchliest :love:~ Carolyn [I can hardly wait to see more pix!!]:yes:

  4. Cindy,
    Simply beautiful.  What a lovely picture!  The dresses you made are beautiful.  I love that shade of blue! I hope you have a restful week.  You certainly deserve it!

  5. Thanks, everybody! It was worth it. So many people told me to just sit back, relax and let others do the work. My sister told me I shouldn’t have to sing at the wedding. People haven’t understood that I wanted to do all this. And I really wanted to sing. I have always dreamed of singing at my children’s weddings. It’s what I do. I’ve sung at so many other weddings. It’s been so much work, but has also been so fulfilling to do all this for them.

  6. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see more pictures, this one is beautiful.  But there was never any doubt,  gosh I feel like I was apart of it just reading about the preparation.    I’m so glad that you were involved and did so much to help, that will make a difference in your relationship with your new in-laws I do believe.   My mother-in-law showed up at 7:00PM for our wedding, just in time to be seated.   We barely got pictures made with them after the wedding before they rushed off.  That has been almost 30 years ago,  nope I don’t have any hard feelings.    The old sea hag needed her rest I guess, haha,  just kidding…..sort of……maybe……anyways…..she never took the time for our family……before the wedding or the next 30 years……her loss………………look what she missed as me for a cool daughter-in-law…………..and a blonde one too, LOL

  7. 😆 Tami… MIL at the time (she was Steve’s step-mother) was that way, too. She didn’t want any part of our wedding, and didn’t want Steve’s dad to take part, either. She lied and told him that they were not invited to the rehearsal dinner and so many other things. They got there just in time for the ceremony and we had one pic taken with them after the ceremony. Then they left.

  8. Hey Cindy!  I looked at the photos you have so far and can’t wait to see some more.  I had you on my mind yesterday as I went to Candi’s wedding.  It was beautiful and the weather turned out perfect.
    Now try and get some rest.
    Love ya!Paula

  9. Thanks, Paula. I have been resting all day. Didn’t even get out of my robe all day. I stayed home from church this morning because I was in too much pain. My rheumatoid arthritis flared really bad this week, and with all the walking I did during the decoration phase and wedding, I could barely walk today. My feet and ankles were very swollen, and it felt like somebody was sawing my feet off at my ankles. So I loaded up on pain meds and have mostly stayed off my feet.

  10. Hi my name is Sandy, and I saw your name on one of my friends xanga, and thought I would drop by and say hello, WOW what a beautify family you have! and all the wedding pictures are Beautiful also. Congratulations! Have a very Blessed Thanksgivng!  Sandy :o)

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