Please remember to pray for all our military members who are either having their turkey in a mess hall on the other side of the world, or are having an MRE instead. Our favorite turkey is in the big sandbox right now
pumpkin pie 
UPDATE 9:45 p.m…..This is funny. Rachael was here a little while ago, and was telling the story about meeting her neighbor while trying to move their new bed upstairs. She tried to call Brandon her husband, but couldn’t think of the word.  It’s a new word for her.
Here’s my new GE Convection oven. The old one is almost 20, so we’ve gotten our money’s worth out of it. This one has 3 oven racks that are ceramic coated, so they can be cleaned in the self-cleaning oven. The front right burner will adjust itself to the pan size. The center back burner is a warmer. It’s a smooth top with radiant heat burners. I almost got the double oven, but decided I didn’t really need it.
Ge range
pumpkin pie 
Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Bethany and I went to the church today to take down a few more decorations. Then we went oven shopping at Home Depot again. I ended up ordering one online. Then we went to Walmart.

Brandon and Rachael are still moving stuff into their apartment. Today they bought a new mattress set. He’s here now loading up more stuff. I asked him if he had any aches and pains after sleeping on a pallet made of comforters on the floor last night. He said, “Enough to make me go spend $800 on a good mattress set.”

Brandon, Rachael and Beth are planning on having a pizza and movie night tonight at the apartment. They got the tv moved after quite a struggle. It’s big and heavy.

Tomorrow we go to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving. It’s about 1-1/2 hours north of here. Rachael’s parents are joining us.



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  1. its gonna be awesome when we’re out of the military and dont have to rely on “gov’t issue” appliances. First thing I’m getting appliance-wise is a good oven and stove!! I have my eye on a stainless and black LG, with a bright blue interior (supposed to make the food easier to see??) Will you be able to use your new toy for Turkey day??!

  2. :heartbeat: Happy Thanksgiving to you as well dear friend 😉 Your new stove looks all most exactly like the one we bought in August; that’s when our’s gave up the ghost! God bless you Cindy.:love:

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