Are you tired of wedding pictures yet?


UPDATE 11:00 p.m….Here’s my family…my parents, all 4 sisters and their families.




silver snowflakessilver snowflakessilver snowflakessilver snowflakessilver snowflakes

Oh, my goodness….we got so many great wedding pictures from Bill that I don’t know how I will choose which ones to put in the slide show. I’m working on it.


In the meantime…….









Yeah, I know….I have a biased opinion, but I think they are the best looking couple ever.

Here’s a couple Bethany took of our decorations:





15 thoughts on “Are you tired of wedding pictures yet?

  1. It was very nice. We went to one of my sisters’ houses. My parents didn’t get to go because Daddy was sick, and Steve is sick, too, but other than that, everything was good.

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    (and I love the last picture!! )

  3. :sunny: That one pic of the tree and blue bulbs would make an awesome background layout!! 
    I had to go back and read up on some stuff .. I am so happy that you got a new stove .. how awesome … I need one soooo bad!
    I had to come over and see all the wonderful pictures!!!  They are a beautiful couple and you did such a wonderful job on the dress!  Just gorgeous!
    Charlie gave me permission to get on the computer for a few moments and I have been on here an hour .. he’s gonna kill me!ha!
    I better go back to my recliner! 
    I will be back on Monday!
    Love you!

  4. :laugh:  Hi, Connie. Looks to me like sitting at the computer is restful. The only thing you are working is your fingers  :giggle:
    Thank you. It was a lot of work, but I am glad I did it. It is also emotionally fulfilling to be able to do these things for them (and a whole lot cheaper than hiring it done!) :yes:

  5. What a pretty wedding!!  It seems like yesterday when I got married…February 2006 and now it’s almost been 10 months!!  I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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