Another favorite picture

Another of my favorites:

silver snowflakes
It just can’t be a week already since the wedding. It’s gone by so fast. Before we know it, it will be their first anniversary. I’m still kind of coming down off all the excitement, kind of like the “blah” you feel after the holidays are over.
Now I’m trying to get the house back to a little neater appearance. But Brandon and Rachael are still moving things into their apartment, so this will take a while.
We’re sick. Steve got a cold this week, and now I have it. My dad was also sick for Thanksgiving.
My new stove is supposed to be delivered on Wednesday.
I’m ready for Ethan to come home. I had a really bad dream about him the other day….that he was captured and tortured. That really bothered me. But last night I got an email from him:

I’m fine… just got a traffic ticket tho… I hate this place.



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