Due to a mix-up that only computers can generate (and not tell you about), I am not getting my new stove until tomorrow, instead of today. But I didn’t know it until today. We put our old stove out for heavy trash pick-up this morning, so I cannot cook until the new one comes in. The burners still worked – just not the oven. *sigh*

We are getting the run-around from the insurance company of the girl Beth collided with. Their adjuster was supposed to call back already. Our adjuster called him this morning and he said he had tried to call 7 times. Liar. We have caller ID to prove it. Smileyrolleyes

I never did show you pictures of our finished kitchen/dining room ceiling. Steve put up a wood ceiling. It looks so much better than sheetrock.

Ceiling/Dining area

In this one, you can see part of my Fiestaware/Harlequin collection (there’s more in another room):

Kitchen ceiling/Fiestaware

And this one shows some of my green cherry blossom Depression glass. I don’t have room to display it all.

Kitchen ceiling/Depression glass

My goal is for our house to look like a log home, with all this wood. (I think I heard Steve groaning.)



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  1. oh wow that looks great!! My hubby loves log cabins. He’s all for it! There’s just something about being surrounded by wood that is just so comforting =)

  2. Thanks, Lauryn. We’ve been adding wood a little at a time, starting with covering one wall, then building a loft made of wood, and now part of the ceiling. Eventually all the ceiling in the first floor will be that same wood.

  3. Hi, Sue……here’s some links about Fiestaware. It is solid colored glazed pottery produced by the Homer Laughlin China Company. His company also produced Harlequin dinnerware, which was also solid colored, but in different shapes. I have mostly the old Fiestaware, but I do have a couple of pieces of the newer stuff. They stopped producing it for many years, but started back up again a few years back. With the new stuff, the colors are different. I collect the cobalt blue and yellow.

  4. Hey Cindy! 
    Finally a minute to get around and comment.  🙂
    I love the wood.  You have a very talented hubby.
    Sorry to hear about your car.  I can sympathize with the insurance woes.  I’ve never had a car accident in all my years of driving and my daughter has had at least 3.  Thank God she survived them all.  One was a very serious accident and it was the grace of God that she made it through that one.  Neither of the other two were her fault, but trying to prove that with an insurance company who is trying to say that it is, is not fun.

  5. Oh, Paula….this insurance (Allstate) is being so horsey. They are saying now that they are going to wait for the police report, which they won’t get till next week. So meanwhile, we are without a car. They are questioning every little thing Beth said or did. I just want to slap them! A cop was there and witnessed it. He told Beth it was definitely the other girl’s fault, but they won’t take him word. Grrrr………..
    In the meantime, our insurance (Progressive) is paying to have the car fixed, and then they will battle with Allstate to reimburse them for it. That works for me, because I don’t want to battle with Allstate. It’s a headache. But our insurance said the car is actually totaled. Fortunately, we know a guy that will fix it for less than what the insurance is paying, and he does a really good job.

  6. it is so pretty i would love to have an all wooded home in a way it would remind me preseident lincolns house a house made of logs and living in a loft it would so remind me of that and i would love it too well i hope you have an awsome day love to all shelly.:laugh::fun:

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