UPDATE 2:50 p.m….Last night, Ethan sent 5 more emails. I think he’s up to something   This is not normal for him. Christmas Eve will be 4 years since Bethany met him.
I’m very happy with my new stove. The old one would have been 20 in March, and it had just seen better days. We had repaired it many times. This one has the flat top with the induction burners that get hot almost immediately when you turn the knob. And it is a convection oven with a warming oven on the bottom. I hope it last me another 20 years.
Last night the tow truck hauled my car off to the shop. It felt kind of sad watching my injured car being towed off. But it will come back looking much better.
Brandon and Rachael came by last night for a while. They are still packing up stuff out of their rooms here and moving it to the apartment.  I actually saw carpet in Brandon’s room last night.   They ate supper with us – nothing fancy, just grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup. That’s good on a cold day. But on Brandon’s paycheck he got yesterday, he had gotten $1.50 an hour raise he didn’t know he was going to get. My sister usually doesn’t tell him when she’s giving him a raise. And, she gave him his Christmas bonus. Let’s just say that a lot of people don’t make in a month the amount of his Christmas bonus. It was very nice. He has really good bosses. And he enjoys being with them. He works for my sister and brother-in-law’s air conditioning/crane businesses.
I told Rachael last night that I don’t have to wash nearly as many dishes now that they don’t live here anymore.
We have been so blessed. We have annoying little things that seem to “go wrong” in our lives, but God always provides. Our car was injured, but insurance is paying for fixing it. Our stove went out while I was baking a wedding cake, but I was able to finish it in my sister’s oven. And then we were able to get a new stove. Beth and Rachael had a wreck Monday, but they were not hurt. Whenever we have a huge expense looming before us, God provides Steve with the overtime necessary to meet that expense.
We were even blessed in paying for this wedding. God allowed us to be able to spread it out over almost a year, and we charged almost none of it. He allowed me to be able to do all the sewing, flowers, decorating, making cakes, etc., myself, so that the cost would be low. And still we had a beautiful wedding, complete with more food than we could eat (it was nice to have leftovers so we didn’t have to cook!) Can you believe that the wedding cake only cost about roughly $30 to make? But it would have been hundreds to hire done. The whole wedding was roughly $3000, including the dresses.
Now, we have a new daughter-in-law and they are setting up their new home. Brandon has a good job with people who love him. And he has the best bosses. It’s too bad that not everybody can say that. AC work is not exactly exciting, but it is honest work and pays him a good salary. And down here, everybody needs air conditioning.
Bethany does not have a job right now, but I believe God will provide her just the right job at just the right time. The way in which her job ended seems bad on the outside – it seems very unfair – but I am sure it is a blessing in disguise. When God’s children do what He tells them to do, He blesses them. Everybody is human – nobody is perfect – but she tries to do what God wants her to do. And He will reward.
People who think that the life of a Christian does not or should not involve these everyday aggravations, such as vehicle problems, oven going out, people getting sick,  is sadly, sadly mistaken. God never promised us we would not go through hard times. Those are the times He uses to teach us what He wants us to learn. When we try to teach our children from our experience, and they don’t listen, which ends up costing them something, they learn the lesson much better. When they actually touch that hot stove, they learn from their own experience not to do it again. We, as adult childen of God, are no different. We learn much better when it costs us something. And God is continually teaching.
The lesson could simply be a way for God to get glory, so that others will see it.
Our pastor is a teacher, and he is always encouraging others to continue to study. No matter how many degrees we have, there is always something more we can learn. He is not only a pastor and school teacher, but a crisis counselor. He is always taking more courses to learn. That is the way our lives should be. We should always be learning more things from God, because He is always teaching. God’s teachings prepare us better for living, and prepare us to be able to teach others, or minister to others. Sometimes He allows things to happen to us, so that we will know just how to respond to others in the same situation. That’s what we learned when our daughter died. We’ve been able to help others who lost children.
So we have to remember to thank God for everything. Even when we don’t feel very thankful. Nothing that happens in the life of a Christian is an accident. Nothing happens by chance. God is in control.
1 Thess 5:16-18….. Be joyful always;  pray continually;  give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  NIV

God is good.  

Last December, Ethan sent me an email about a fellow EOD Tech that was hurt in an explosion on December 7. He had visited with him after he was wounded. His email that night really got to me, and I just wanted to put my arms around him. He was depressed about another friend being hurt, and said he felt sick about this.
So today, I was surfing through some sites, to find a good picture of the EOD insignia, and found an article about his friend, written back in March. His name is Dan Acosta. THIS is the article. It’s very interesting. Next week will be a year since he was injured.

How to weigh yourself
how to weigh 
I can’t believe I was doing it wrong all these years. We must get the word out!



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  1. :sunny: Cindy,
    As soon as I’m done here I’m gluing my scale to the bathroom ceiling :laugh:
    I’m praying for Ethan. God bless you sweetie.
    Cynthia :giggle:

  2. Nice scale method.
    :laugh:  Thanks, Gabe. I’m sure there will be more females using that method than males.
    Thanks for the prayers for Ethan, and for the others who are going through all this. I am so ready for him to come home.

  3. :lol:I like that scale trick!:laugh:This was a great post:yes:, and I also have been enjoying the wedding pictures. :goodjob:I think that the amount spent on the wedding is simply incredible. :eek:(Even with no labor cost ~ which would have probably tripled the cost, the cost of the materials, etc. …. well you all deserve medals, and you, dear lady, deserve a crown, and a blue ribbon & …..!!!) :heartbeat::love::goodjob:I’m off to bed now:sleepy:, but wanted to get in one last message. :)Thanks for praying. :yes::heartbeat:I’ll update tomorrow. Take care. :heartbeat:Muchliest :love:~  Carolyn :sunny:

  4. :heartbeat: Thanks, Carolyn. I don’t feel like I deserve any medals…I feel honored to be able to do those things. It was all part of giving them the wedding they wanted to have, at least within reason. There were a few things we had to do without, but nobody missed them.
    TJ, I will send them on to Ethan right now :yes:

  5. Hi Cindy,
    Haven’t been by in a while.  Things are doing okay here.  I read your entry and thought of our family.  It is so true that God is always there to help us when we have troubles.  I did see the wedding pics and I am glad that it turned out so well for you and Steve.

  6. We must remember Ethan and all the others serving our country in the military.  The holidays are so hard on them being so far from home.  This war has gone on so long!  Yet, I do feel very strongly that we need to be there.  I have a cousin who has served two tours in Iraq in the mortuary affairs unit.  I don’t think we have a clue what our servicemen and women indure.
    It breaks my heart to learn that you and Steve have suffered the lost of a daughter.  I totally agree with you in believing God allows trials and heartaches to touch our lives for a reason, yes, often times to be able to comfort others who must travel the road we have already walked.  They need to see the hope in our lives.  They need to see they will make it through if they rely on God’s strength.  Our life before them is a testimony of God’s strength.  I know this in true in my own life with the loss of all of my family except my older sister.  Enduring these losses have helped me to reach out in ministry as a pastor’s wife I would not have been able to otherwise.  God Bless you sweet sister in Christ.
    Are Ethan and Bethany a couple?

  7. Sue, thank you very much. Our daughter, Rachel Elizabeth died the same day she was born, Feb. 7, 1984. She was ill at birth and lived a little less than one day. The first time I had to sing at a baby’s funeral after she died, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. It was tough, but God gave me the strength.
    No, Beth and Ethan are not a couple – just very special friends. We love him to pieces. She met him online and spent a lot of time witnessing to him. That was when he was stationed in Florida in the Air Force. It’s been a little over 2 years since we have seen him. We really miss him. I think we have all done a lot of growing since we met each other. We’ve had some tough times together, but tough times make people stronger.
    This is Ethan’s 2nd tour in Iraq. He’s there for 6 months this time.

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