This is a wreath my mother made and is giving to Brandon and Rachael.  The garland, bows, poinsettias, and some of the blue balls were decorations we used in their wedding. This is a way to display those decorations every year at Christmas.
UPDATED 2:00 p.m…..Steve is preaching again tonight.  It’s a continuation of last week’s sermon, but also ties into what our pastor preached this morning. Our pastor and deacon are giving a “one, two” punch 
Our new microwave is so polite. When it stops, it says “enjoy your meal” on the screen.
Here’s our Christmas tree. This picture isn’t from this year, but it looks the same every year. I told you I was picky. 
Our tree small
And a close-up of some of the ornaments:
tree closeup small
Can you find the thing that doesn’t belong in the tree?

(Hint: There’s a kitten in there somewhere.)




9 thoughts on “

  1. Beatiful tree!  But, you are not quite picky enough my dear, while you know very well, that I love cats…CATS do not belong in Christmas trees…they tend to knock them down!!  I’d be spraying that cat w/ a water bottle 😡

  2. 😆 :yes: I agree. But that was her first Christmas, and she had never seen a tree before. It was extremely hard to keep her out. About a year after Steve and I got married, one of our cats turned our tree over. Wouldn’t you know it….the only ornament that got broken was our “Our First Christmas Together” ball. It couldn’t be replace. So I had to improvise. You can see it just to the right of Taz’ head. I took the decorations off the broken one and put them on another ball, although it does not fit quite as well. Soon after, I changed the place we put the tree. I had been putting it next to the stairs. The cats thought I was just trying to make it easier for them. They didn’t have to climb the tree to get to the top – they just walked up the stairs and got on the top the easy way. 😮

  3. The wreath is very pretty and so is your tree!  That was so sweet of your mother to think about saving some of the memories for them in such a way.  Wow, such a polite microwave…does is scream your food is burnt too should you over nuke it?  My living room tree is still not up.  You want to come help?

  4. 😆 Sue, I’m still trying to get our tree up! It’s not going very fast. That tree pic is actually from 2 years ago, but it always looks the same.
    That is a good question about the microwave. Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow. :giggle:
    The wreath really is beautiful. And large. When we brought it home, it didn’t seem all that big, but I hung it on our front door (Rachael’s coming to get it tomorrow). It’s huge! It’s a 30 inch wreath, and it nearly covers the top half of our door.

  5. What an awesome idea with the wreath.  I wished I had thought of that.  Mandy had a Christmas wedding on December 15th. 
    Thank you so much for the prayers for Candi!  God is so good!

  6. I love your tree!  and the kitten up in it…that is too funny.  Thankfully Peanut has not tried to climb our tree yet.
    We are going to get more snow today…good too…since all our other has melted away.  I told billy that I wanted a white christmas and he told me I am sure we will still have a patch of snow in the front yard…that is white.  Oh…he is sometimes too good for his own worth!
    have a wonderful day!!!

  7. Beautiful wreath ~ so this artistic talent runs deep throughout the family! What a very cool idea, putting some wedding decor into a Christmas wreath! Your tree is so pretty, & I found the kitty! Ahhh…. so precious! :heartbeat: Well, this is how far back I had to go to get caught up with you. I’m moving on . . . ! :wave:

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