Happy Dance


That’s my happy dance. Ethan emailed and said he is coming home 2 months early – the end of this month rather than the end of February.

Now, he wasn’t particularly happy about it, because it just means that he will have to go back next November.  But what he did not know was that I had been praying for the last two weeks that God would send him home early. I understand that if it wasn’t God’s will for him to come home early, God would not send him home early. I did tell him tonight that it was what I had been asking for.

Also for the last week, I’ve been asking God more than I usually do, to keep him safe and protect him. This might be the answer to that prayer also.

There are also other specific things I am asking God for, regarding Ethan. But I can’t tell Ethan those things yet

God is still in charge.




15 thoughts on “Happy Dance

  1. Cindy,
    What a wonderful answer to prayer!  You mentioned that he has to go back next November again.  Do you know how long he will have to be in Iraq again?

  2. Well, the rotations are for 6 months right now. Who knows what it will be in November 2007. Or maybe we won’t even be there. Only God knows, but that would sure be the best Christmas present I could think of for next year :yes:

  3. That is awesome news! Our nephew just got back from Iraq last month & he surprised me at work yesterday (he is from Colorado & us in Iowa)…so we got to go to lunch & catch up a little…it was so good to see him!! We definately need to keep praying for all the men & woman that are protecting our country!!

  4. Hi, Cindy!
    Beautiful background!  Thanks for checking up on me.  I don’t know all the reasons, but I’m having a hard time this Christmas season.  (Well, maybe I do know all the reasons, and there are just too many!)  Anyway – I’m up one day, down the next.
    Bet you wish you hadn’t asked! 
    Thanks for dropping by
    Christmas blessings to you, Steve, and your family!

  5. Cindy,
    I hate driving the beltway!
    My oldest daughter likes to tell me I am going to be one of those old ladies with lots and lots of kitties. She’s probably right. OH…I hear the cats torturing another Xmas tree ornament. I better run. God bless you!
    Cynthia :sunny::heartbeat::sunny:

  6. :wave: I just visited my other site, and saw that you had been leaving a series of remarks re: Ethan. You are too funny girl!:laugh::lol::laugh: I’ll join in that dance with you, though . . . on 2nd thought, I don’t think that I can do much of any dance at this time . . . how about joining me on a really lively dance when we get to Heaven?! 🙂 :coolman::heartbeat::love::sunny::wave:

  7. 😆 That will work! We’ll have perfect bodies then. Our legs will work fine, and have no aches and pains :goodjob:
    I am just beyond happy right now. He will be out of danger for a while, even if it’s for a short while.

  8. Hey Cindy!
    I figured out the java script thing finally!
    That’s good about Ethan.  When you mentioned praying for specific things it reminded me of the miracle with Candi and Jesse’s baby.  God was very specific in creation and even salvation so I’m sure he doesn’t mind answering our specific prayers.

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