Movie Night

“Boyfriend for Christmas” is on again tonight. Beth’s gonna take notes.

Happy Ball


12 thoughts on “Movie Night

  1. That is just too funny!  I wish I would have known about the movie…I would have had Jenn watch and take notes also.  😆  There was another good movie on Saturday night.  We went to the theatre to see it a  month or so ago, “Loves Abiding Joy”.   I tivoed it to watch it again!  Christmas blessings to you!

  2. Hi, Charles….I was wondering how things were up there.
    I thought snowflakes/ice crystals would at least give the illusion of winter down here :giggle: It’s been running in the mid 70’s during the day. Not very winter-like.

  3. Sounds like a cute movie…maybe I should get my daughter to watch it!:lol: I noticed on your previous post where your church goes caroling…we do the same thing, nursing homes and to the shut ins, it is such a fun time!  We are going Wednesday night.

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