My car

Brandon and Rachael have been married a month today.  Where has the last month gone??
Update 6:15 p.m……Tadaaaa… car is well again.
Caddy repair 1
Caddy repair 6
Now Steve is changing the oil. He already had to change the alternator in his truck. If he keeps on changing stuff, pretty soon we’ll have all new vehicles!
More happy dances. My car is ready. We will go pick it up this afternoon when Steve gets home. 
Counting down: 12 more days till E. comes home. We won’t see him, but I’m just so thankful he will be out of a dangerous area. Sandboxes can be lethal. He’ll be going back to Andrews AFB in Maryland.
I was thinking about a post Beth did back on Dec. 3. She talked about a boy and girl at church (she’ll be 15 next month and he’s 16). Ashley and David have liked each other for a while and he finally asked her out. But each was worried about what dating would do to the friendship they have.
Neither is incredibly mature, since they are only 15 and 16. But there is something that impressed me about him: he likes her eventhough she is quite a bit overweight. In fact, that kind of floored me. She probably needs to lose 30 lbs, but he wants to go with her anyway. That’s unusual. Teenage boys usually want the hot girls. Well….even the older guys want the Hooters girls. And many times, how much he wants her is quite dependent on how much the other guys want her, too. But Ashley has the cutest personality and David, at 16, sees that. She is a lot of fun to be with. Even our young adults like to be with Ashley. She and Brandon have spent long hours building boxes (it’s a long story!) And Ashley really looks up to Bethany.
So many people could find the person that would really love them, if they would just look in the right places. If they would look at what’s on the inside, rather than what’s on the outside.  And when you are in love with what’s on the inside, then the outside no longer seems to matter so much.
That really raised him up a few notches in my eyes.
This is Ashley, with Bethany, in October, the day Ashley was baptised.


13 thoughts on “My car

  1. Dru and I watched Oprah today or maybe Dr. Phil, I don’t remember which, but they blind-folded these girls and let them meet these guys that were not so attractive.   They really liked them when they couldn’t see what they looked like, that is sad,  someone might miss Mr. or Miss right because they can’t get past the exterior!

  2. Glad you got your car back! It drives me nuts when I don’t have my vehicle, even when I’m not going anywhere… I just think, “what if?”… I just might need to!!!
    Have a happy week!

  3. that sounds like a truly sweet boy. Good for him for not being afraid to show his feelings for someone that others may not consider “worthy”. Kids can be so mean sometimes… its refreshing to hear about someone who lives for what he feels :goodjob:

  4. Wow, that was really fast at getting your car repaired!
    Brandon and Rachael have been married a month today.  Where has the last month gone??”  
    Turn around again and you will be like me… 5 years later and your son and daughter-in-law are celebrating their 5th anniversary.  They might have even thrown in a few grandchildren for you by then!  Lol

  5. I think you hit the nail on the head about guys…but for the most part girls are much the same.  Hard to get past the exterior, but I think we are all like that to a certain extent without even realizing it!  The young man you are speaking of must think differently than most…I wonder how that happens…maybe he can rub off on some of the other ones :lookaround:!

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