UPDATED 12:45 p.m…..Since it’s after noon now, I’ll go ahead and put the answers. If you don’t want to know yet, don’t look.
Only 2 days till Ethan comes home.
hapydanc     hapydanc     hapydanc     hapydanc     hapydanc     hapydanc     hapydanc     hapydanc     hapydanc
I got this in an email. Look at each picture and try to determine what it represents. I have answered the first one for you.

1. !cid_BDC5724A-91D4-4E76-8410-6517ABE35C1B   Light beer

2. !cid_5532B79A-5C65-4848-B07A-F4E305E0A6C3 “Assaulted” peanut.

3. !cid_38EDDDCC-F410-44A8-A38D-B398725BFC43 Dr. Pepper.

4. !cid_B9A56E2A-9AE1-433A-BBF0-74020D5189DB Ipod.

5. !cid_7BBC408F-8CC3-4F5B-B330-C75873E07CF1 “Hole” milk.

6. !cid_6E87D0BA-D7C7-4015-8877-8B2AC05A024E King of Pop (I’m with Tami…why didn’t they use a Coke can?)

7. !cid_EC1A4E73-3A96-4AA7-8844-82E6F3D7ECB8 Pool table.

8. !cid_EB212977-089C-44FF-8B7A-BAA5D1DAFE48 Tap dancers.

9. !cid_E4A63F7F-86BB-4CA0-B9F6-0680D6CC3318 Gator Aide.

10.!cid_AF151658-41E1-4294-A4A8-9983CF61E782 Egg Plant.

11.!cid_12483767-0F70-4AB6-A2AF-33D1B887202E Card Shark.

12.!cid_593EC190-3120-4C03-9424-5C700A4711A6 Nightmare.

13.!cid_9DEF90B4-6469-4704-AAA9-230482A46AD3 Dandy Lions (look at their boutineers – they are dandelions.)



17 thoughts on “

  1. Okay let me see, 
    #4 IPod
    #6 King of Pop (wonder why they didn’t give it to coke)
    #8 Tap dancer
    #12 is a nightmare, haha, Connie was close
    I’ll come back to #13 in case no one else gets it,  I’ll leave it for now.   Am I that smart, NOPE, had to rely on memory which is really REALLY hard for me to do.  I got an email a while back with these too! But deleted it, whines!
    Enjoy your day and wreck some havoc for ole gloat,   I’m feeling puney so I guess I’ll be a good old skeery lady

  2. oh man I love stuff like this! But unfortunately my brain is fried. I’m gonna email them to hubby, though.. that should kill some time at work for him!

  3. 6: Royal Crown Cola & 12: Headless Horseman (Oh well, I tried! ~ The two that I put here, I thought should have been the answers.) I’ll have to send this one to my folks . . . they’ll love these! 😆

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