UPDATE 10:30 p.m…..YES!! Ethan just emailed Beth…he is back in the states!!



UPDATE 3:00 p.m……Go here  to see Bethany’s welcome home message to Ethan.

Here’s Beth’s latest picture. I like it. I might have a biased opinion.



thank you

 Some of you are not going to understand this, but Ethan will  He should be home soon.

Count ’em….21 cans…..

3 cans silly string3 cans silly string3 cans silly string

3 cans silly string3 cans silly string3 cans silly string

1 can silly string1 can silly string1 can silly string


Welcome home, Ethan! We love you!


Did you know that Ethan was the 3rd most popular boy’s name for 2006?



It’s a little after midnight and it is pouring down rain.  The front that dropped all the snow in Colorado is making its way down here and mixing with the warm air. It’s been running in the 70’s here during the day.

UPDATE 1:20 p.m…….I’ve gone back and softened the tone of this rant a little. Ok….a LOT. But my original rant was a good one, if I do say so myself.

Well, on a completely different note…..More and more, I think I believe in arranged marriages. Well, maybe not really, but it sure would be easier that way to make sure that your son/daughter gets the spouse that mom/dad like. I could just pick out the guy for Beth that I thought she really ought to have, make a deal with his family, and that would be it.

Bethany was asked out by a guy I am starting to wonder about. They  have not been out on a date – haven’t even met – and he is already mentioning marriage!   Did I miss something somewhere?  What kind of guy talks marriage to a girl he hasn’t even met? 

 It might be different if they had been good friends for 4 years, and suddenly realized they loved each other , but that’s not the case here. Steve and I got engaged only 3 weeks after our first date, but we knew each other for 4 years and realized we loved each other. It shocks people when we tell them we got engaged after 3 weeks.

This boy is a jailer for our county. We have a good friend who lives around the corner, who is a detective for the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. I think I might just go see if he can check this kid out.

While they’re at it, they can warn him about MOM!  She posted about it here 

If he ever comes over, I think I’ll set around pictures of another guy to scare him off.

Things were so much simpler in the old days.  Whatever happened to cousins marrying each other? More prayer! Thanks for listening.




38 thoughts on “A 21 CAN SALUTE

  1. Hi, Marsha….I don’t actually know exactly when he’ll be home. He just said he was coming home the 30th.
    So here’s the Silly String story….when he came home from Iraq last time (2004) he came here to visit and we had a party for him. While Steve, Beth, and I picked him up at the airport, Brandon & Rachael (my son and his wife) and a bunch of people from church were gathered here at our house. When we came in the door, they shot him with 21 cans of Silly String….a 21 can salute! I think it scarred him for life. Poor guy….I actually felt sorry for him when it happened. But he’ll never forget the Texas sized welcome we gave him. He’ll also probably never come back to Texas! 😆

  2. I am praying that Ethan gets to you safe and sound.  I am totally for arranged marriages too!!  Check the guy out with your detective friend.  Can’t hurt anything and will send a definite message that it is not just Bethany you are considering dating…it is the whole bunch of you!!  Go get him mom!!

  3. I hope Ethan arrives home soon!  I just learned from my cousin yesterday that her son might have to go back for his 3rd tour of duty.  I hope not anytime soon, he and his wife just experienced their 2nd misscarrige since return home from his 2nd tour.
    I, too, am all for arranged marriages!  Poor Jennifer 😥  All last week this guy kept calling her. A tennis pro where she takes lessons and works at the sports camp over summer breaks when she is not teaching.  So, he calls her all week totally out of the blue.  Yes, they have been friends since the beginning of summer but not much phone communication until last week.  So, he asks her out on Monday for Friday night at 8 p.m. after her girls gymnastics practice (she is the H.S. coach.)  He even asks her if she is going to blow him off (not go) and she said “no are you?”  His answer “no!”.  As I said he proceeded to call her all week, several times a day.  On Thursday night he ends their convo by saying I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  Friday comes and she doesn’t hear from him all day.  She comes home after practice and goes ahead and gets ready just in case he shows up at the door.  An hour past the 8 p.m. date time she sends him a text message asking if he blowing her off.  There is no response from him Friday or Saturday.  By Sunday she is now concerned something serious has happened to him, not to mentioned it totally ruined her weekend.  So she calls his cell and there is no answer, she leaves a voice mail asking if everything is okay.  Now it is a week later and still not one word from this JERK!!!!  She refuses to contact him again.  You Go Girl!  But, WHAT IS UP WITH GUYS LIKE THIS?  So, yes, I am all in favor of arranged marriages!  I hate to see my little girl hurt. 

  4. Oh, Sue, about Jennifer….that’s terrible! I’m so sorry for her. I’m inclined to believe that guy doesn’t deserve to live!
    I hate to see my little girl get hurt, too, and she has been. I know it’s part of the territory, but I don’t like it. I’ve seen her cry her eyes out. If the guys could only understand. We bring these tiny creatures home from the hospital and give them all our love and care for….well, the rest of our lives. We try to build them up and give them self-esteem. We teach them to look and act like ladies. And then some guy comes along and thinks her heart is a play toy. Or that she is just some kind of conquest. It does not matter how much self-esteem we’ve tried to give over the last 20-something years….he can crush her instantly. I just wish they were not wolves in sheep’s clothing….I wish you could tell what they are going to be like right from the start. One will treat her nicely, tell her he likes her, take her out on a few dates, and then get some other girl pregnant! Arrrggggg!!!! (Our youth/music director told me not to say arrggg because I’m probably cussing in Pirate. 😉
    So we have to pray for God to bring the one He wants them to have. That’s easy to say, but harder to do. I get impatient and have to remind myself what I am supposed to be doing.
    Beth already has her engagement ring picked out :laugh: She told me if anybody ever wants to surprise her with a ring for Christmas like Brandon did with Rachael, this is the one she loves. We’ve jokingly talked about wedding colors (As long as we were already doing another wedding, what does it hurt to plan? :laugh: )  Now she just has to wait for Mr. Right to fall in love with her.   :wha: :giggle:
    I think Mr. Right got lost. 🙄
    I’m sorry about your cousin’s son and his wife. That’s heartbreaking.

  5. Jennifer and I need to start a club.
    Sarah and I decided it would be a lot easier if one just showed up with a tag that said “from God.”
    A lot of them that I’ve met should be wearing tags. Just… on their toes.

  6. I guess this really has turned into a guy bashing post, and it wasn’t intended to be. But Sue, I think there just needs to be more men like our own husbands! :yes:  :goodjob:

  7. turned into a guy bashing post :wha: Just for the record, Girls do the same things to guys (this from a mom of two sons, as well as to a daughter). :yes: It’s good to be back ~ I missed Xanga, & I missed you.:heartbeat: ~ :coolman: How very cool re: Ethan. When is he getting back exactly?  BTW ~ Did you ever get that article that I sent to you about silly string?

  8. Hi, Carolyn….I believe I did get that article on Silly String….the one where soldiers use it to expose trip wires?
    Yeah, I was thinking about that….that girls do it, too. It’s sad that some parents have not taught their children to respect the feelings of others. I do think, though, that it happens more often with guys – kind of a “boys will be boys” mentality. But today, there are lots of girls growing up that I would be ashamed to have as daughters. The teen at church who was going with David just broke up with him last night because “he doesn’t call her enough” 😮 I really hope that’s just her immaturity showing through.
    I’ve missed you, too! We don’t know for sure when E will be back – just that he said he was coming home the 30th. So when he hear he’s home, I’ll breathe a big sigh of relief. At least till next November when he may be going back.

  9. kind of a funny story, speaking of parents wanting to pick future spouses. When I was in elementary school, there was a kid there named Bryan who just was a really sweet kid and whose family was just wonderful. My mom always joked that I would marry “Bryan-with-a-Y”. Well, I haven’t seen that particular kid in years…. but I actually DID end up marrying another “Bryan-with-a-Y”

  10. I think Mr. Right got lost.I’ll look under a rock. 😆Whatever happened to cousins marrying each other? More prayer!Now, that’s funny. Anyway, Ravi Zacharias has some good stuff on arranged marriages. I think it’s still somewhere on his website. One will treat her nicely, tell her he likes her, take her out on a few dates, and then get some other girl pregnant!Is it bad that I thought this was funny, too? :spinning:

  11. Is it bad that I thought this was funny, too?
    Doug, Doug, Doug…..:nono:  :laugh:  The last guy actually did that. And they apparently have no plans to get married. He proudly shows pics of his unborn son on his MySpace. BTW, he never told Beth about the other girl. She found out when he changed his status to “in a relationship”.
    Beth was standing here reading. She laughed when she read your under a rock comment.

  12. One of my brothers lives in Nashville.  He said that the UPS stores there were taking Silly String donations and shipping them to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for free. 
    Happy new year!

  13. The troops in the middle east use the Silly String when they are going through buildings.  They open the door to a room, stand back and spray the room from the top down.  It will stick on wires for booby traps without tripping them, making it safer for them to clear out buildings.

  14. Hi, Renee….yes, I’ve heard that. There was an article about it in the Chronicle just a few weeks back. One of the mothers’ groups around here was taking donations and shipping them over there.

  15. re: arranged marriages.  A guy who gives that much attention early is a red flag to me. 
    The last issue of “Diane” magazine, published by Curves for its members, has an informative article about abusive relationships.  If you can get your hands on one, it is worth the read.  The cover of the issue is many photos of individual women’s faces. 
    See ya!

  16. Lol, I just read everyone’s comments on your blog to Jennifer.  She said “I am surprised you haven’t posted more stories….it’s not like I don’t have enough!”  Yes, I too try to keep her encouraged telling her God has some special guy out there somewhere and at the exact RIGHT time He will allow him to cross her path.  It only makes it harder that everyone we know tells her how beautiful, intelligent, with her head on, etc., she is and they don’t understand why guys aren’t falling all over themselves to fall in love with her.  This only makes her question then what is wrong with her.  She went away to college with me telling her Mr. Right might be there.  Now here it is 8 years later and she still hasn’t met him.  She reminds me of this quite often when I try to encourage her to hang on…he’s just around the corner!  I really think between her beauty and intelligence they FREAK!!  She keeps the fact that her father is a pastor on the DL until it’s a need to know, not that she is embarrassed of her father (she’s daddy’s little girl!) but she thinks it only adds to their freaking out.  So what did she come home from college with other than her education – just a bunch of guy friends who she speaks to almost daily.  They are all like protective jealous brothers.  To make matters worse…her younger sister attended the same college right on Jennifer’s heels and came home with a husband.
    Tell Beth maybe we do need to start a club.  CALLING ALL GODLY CHRISTIAN MEN!

  17. 😆  😆  Love the club name, Sue!
    Beth gets the same thing. Guys tell her she’s pretty….she’s hot….she’s whatever. Course the guys that always said she was hot were creeps. Don’t nice guys think she’s hot?

  18. I totally agree about the arranged marriage.  If I knew then what I know now after all of my daughter’s marriage problems I would have definitely chose someone else.  However, it appears that God is working things out so I have to try and believe that maybe this was the right one all along.  Time will tell.
    Yes, it was a lot of pictures, but I had over 400 pictures to weed through.  It was fun, though.

  19. We haven’t hit the dating yet but I dread it!!! My husband is going to be awful and very protective, as a father should be. Right now, I’ll enjoy the fact that Kylie thinks boys have cooties and Kacie says she’s going to marry her daddy someday. 😆
    Happy New Year!!!

  20. To come to guys’ defense, the question has to be raised: what incentive does a “Mr. Right” in his early/mid-20’s have even to look for a “Ms. Right”? Assuming he’s not scarred in some way that he needs constant company, his focus at this point in life might simply be getting through school, or starting a career, which would preclude any unwanted distractions.*just defined girls as “unwanted distractions”*Nevermind. Guys are creeps.

  21. his focus at this point in life might simply be getting through school, or starting a career, which would preclude any unwanted distractions.
    😆 😆 😆   Some could be…..but then there are those who are just interested in sex with no commitment (See aforementioned boyfriend.). 😆 😆 😆

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