Amazing Grace

Update 9:15 p.m…..We had such a good time tonight. After church, we took Andy to eat with us at Red Lobster. Since his sister died yesterday, we thought he might need to go out and have some fun with other young people (that would be Beth, Brandon and Rachael – not me or Steve  ).
We laughed so hard we hurt. Andy decided he was going to try to annoy our 18 year old waitress. He ordered water to drink, and was determined to have an empty glass every time she came back to the table. It got hysterical after a while. He sent her back for refills so many times that she came back with this huge margarita glass (the equivalent of 2 large water glasses) and swizzle stick, rather than a straw. She told us not to give him a large straw, so you know what we had to do when she walked off.  We told her to just roll the lobster tank over to him and bring a straw.
Her name was Jessica. Bethany told her she really needed to open up more and not be so shy. This girl talked 90 miles an hour and I’m not sure she even took a breath while talking. It was like she was on speed or something. We all badgered her, but particularly Andy and Brandon (no surprise there!) Jessica was talking to us while we ate and she said she didn’t have anything better to do. Andy said, “Obviously.” That cracked her up. But when we told her we now had pictures of a Baptist minister’s son (Andy) drinking a margarita, she doubled over laughing.
Needless to say, Andy could not hold that many glasses of water without making a trip to the restroom. So when he came back, Brandon tried to make him think we put something in his water. He kept asking Andy if it tasted the same. Beth played along and said they did it right, if he couldn’t taste it. We thought a couple of times that Andy was going to spit water out straight at Bethany.
When we left, I whispered to Jessica, “Thanks for making us laugh tonight. We needed it – Andy’s sister died yesterday.” Her mouth dropped open and she said we were very welcome.
On the way home, he was getting quite uncomfortable again, and Steve kept hitting the brakes suddenly.
Bethany took pictures and a video. She’s going to post them on her myspace later. If she posts them on Xanga, I’ll post a link. Jessica also has a myspace, so Beth gave her the address.
First, Beth and Rachael made friends with the girl that sold us Rachael’s wedding ring, and they visit on myspace all the time. Now they’ve made a friend out of the Red Lobster waitress. Lots of opportunities to show God’s love to other people.
It felt so good to laugh. There really is joy, even when facing the sorrow of losing a loved one.
Now Bethany is gone over to Brandon and Rachael’s apartment to play Scrabble. There’s no telling what time she’ll be home. Tomorrow I’m going with Rachael to run some errands, and then in the afternoon, we’ll be heading to the funeral home for the visitation. Beth and I are going early to set up the Hershey Kisses display there.
I just found out that yesterday’s post made featured content. Mine was right next to Connie’s.   I had no idea, and I still wouldn’t if I had not seen that someone came to my site from the featured content page.
I probably won’t make it around to everybody’s site today. I’m so sleepy I can’t see straight. Literally.
Church was so good today. Our pastor had been asked to speak at another church, so his good friend, a retired pastor from the Assembly of God church down the road from us, preached in his place. Not that we don’t enjoy Bro. Herb. He always brings good messages. But Bro. Jerry brought a good message, too.

He spoke on thanking God for the blessings He gives us every day. We have so much that we take for granted. Jesus always spoke in parables because the story was easier to understand. Bro. Jerry said imagine you have a son who tells his dad he doesn’t have to worry about mowing and taking care of the yard because he’ll take care of it out of love for his dad. Or a daughter who promised to do much of the housework out of love for the mom. (I was thinking I’d faint if those things happened.) A parent would want to do special things for their child because of the special things they do for the parents.

God wants to do the same thing. He wants to do special things for His children who do special things for Him. If you are obedient to Him, He will greatly bless. And nobody can give more than God. But if you are not thankful for the little things, He’s not going to give you any big things.

We are to be light in a dark world. As Christians, we are to shine God’s light on other people, so they can see the love of God. Sometimes that will make others uncomfortable. If you are a Christian, do you know people who are uncomfortable around you, because you represent God, and shine light on their ungodly ways?

Of course, the purpose is not to make people feel they are bad because they don’t look good in the light. It shouldn’t be a harsh light. Instead it should be a loving glow. The purpose is to show them the love of God, freely given to them if they want it.

If God is blessing someone, those who are around that person will also benefit from the blessings. If parents are obeying God, their children will benefit. If God is blessing an obedient pastor, others in the church who might not be quite so obedient will benefit. Try hanging out with those who are obviously being blessed by God. Let them rub off on you. Your blessing may just be that God will put the desire in your heart to obey Him, too.

At the close of the service, we all gathered around the Stone family for special prayer. It was a special but tearful time. You could feel the love we have for each other.

Everybody loved the beautiful things that Bethany made in memory of Elizabeth. They will always be displayed on a table in our sanctuary, with a bowl of Hershey Kisses. We decided today that we needed to add Hershey Hugs, because Elizabeth was always giving hugs.

Dave, Elizabeth’s father, sang Amazing Grace for our special today. It was the best he’s ever done it. He sang from the heart. After church, we stood around with the Stones, listening to stories about Elizabeth. She was a character. But now she’s sitting at the feet of Jesus, and she’s probably eating Hershey Kisses.

Go to Beth’s post to see pictures. We will try to get some good pictures of the display tonight.

John 10:26-30….. 27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.



13 thoughts on “Amazing Grace

  1. It sounds like a very special Sunday morning. I went to your daughter’s site and viewed the pictures… very well done.

  2. Thanks for sharing.  Sounds like a wonderful service. It is so true to be thankful. Thanks for commentting on my site.  Thanks for letting me know you went through thyroid surgery also.  I will also probably be put on the medication.  I will find out this coming Thursday. I hope the best for your daughter.  I beleiving for an awsome year. What ever comes I know that God is with us and that in itself is very comforting. 

  3. It has been so long since I have gone to church.  I have not been motivated to find one either. I guess I felt burned from our last church in AR. They never even came to say goodbye to us.  Oh well.  I’m glad that your service was so good!  I love to hear those sort services!
    I hope you have a great week!!! and remember I am keeping your unspoken request in my prayers. God will hear our requests!

  4. Cindy,
    Your church service sounds so lovely.  I will continue to pray for that family.
    RYC, I was very nervous asking Charlton Heston for that kiss but I really wanted to ask him something that I thought no one else would ask him.  I will never forget the look on his face.  Gosh, he was soooo handsome even as an older gentleman.  ~swooning here~

  5. keeping your unspoken request in my prayers
    Thank you so much, TJ. I appreciate that more than you know. :heartbeat:
    Gina, I have this vision in my head of you asking him for a kiss. That is so funny! :laugh:

  6. Cindy, thanks for sharing the story.  It made me laugh too and I haven’t done to much of that in the last couple of days.  May God give all of you strength as you face the next couple of difficult days.  Love, Sue

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