Update 12:30 a.m Tuesday…..I finally thought of 6 things. But it wasn’t easy. No need for suggestions anymore. I gave you your chance.
martha stewart
I was tagged last week by Renee, but I’m having trouble thinking of 6 weird things about me. Even Steve and Bethany are having trouble thinking of things.
Steve suggested one thing, which I will list as #1. But Beth and I both agreed it’s not really weird. Beth says it’s just due to my type A personality.
So…..I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m opening this up to others who know me. Can you think of any more weird things about me? All I can say is….be kind.  I can get back at you.
1. I cannot sit down and relax. I feel like I must always be up doing something. It drives me crazy. (Yes, ADHD runs rampant in my family.)


2. I always read the newspaper from the back to the front. 


3. I like swimming pools and I love the beach or shoreline. I just don’t care that much for actually getting in the water. I’m not a swimmer. I just love the beauty and sound of the water.


4. Bethany pointed out that sometimes when I read, my lips move (No, Tami, that’s not a sign of brain damage. Just thought I’d say it before you did. ) The reason for that is that I sometimes have difficulty concentrating. During those times, I actually softly read outloud. My mind is less prone to wander when I do that. Probably another side effect of the ADHD. (Yes, I can read without speaking outloud, for those of you who wonder!) 


5. I got engaged to Steve after dating him only 3 weeks. Now that’s not really that weird, is it? We were friends for 4 years prior to that. He wanted to date me after we knew each other about a year, but I wasn’t interested then. I was dating someone else. But a few weeks before we started dating, I just fell for him suddenly. I guess God was just ready for us to be together then. I flirted, but he didn’t realize it. Guys are dense.  So I don’t let him forget it now.


6. I didn’t like Mexican food or seafood until I was grown. We did not grow up eating those things. Now I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t have them. Casa Ole is a staple. Red Lobster is our birthday place.


21 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. RYC – Thanks for your sweet comment:heartbeat:
    You sound pretty non-weird to me – 😆  I do the reading from back to front with Magazines – I never thought of it as weird – maybe it is!!!:lol:

  2. Thanks for playing!  Those aren’t that weird – and maybe your family shares in your weirdness, therefore it is not weird to them.  Ha! 
    RYC – Yeah, I know she wasn’t the only one.  And they won’t be the last ones.  I guess we get to live out Matt. 10:16 where Jesus said, “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. ”
    Thanks again!  Hope y’all don’t have ice too bad down there.  Very few people there know how to drive on it.

  3. Okay you have reminded/inspired me to get mine done I was tagged too about a week ago! I think I will put it on my passiondove site tho…later today hopefully…
    I am not much for getting in the water either but I love being around it.

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