Wedding Pictures

5:30 p.m….Crews are out sanding down roadways and they are getting ready to de-ice planes at our airports. Unusual in Houston.

Something is not right here. It’s in the 30’s outside, and our heater is not turned up real high right now. I’m wearing a sweatshirt and Steve has on a flannel shirt over a t-shirt. And Beth is wearing…..shorts.   She’s barefoot, but that’s normal. She’s always barefoot. But shorts? Right now she is taking several online tests before her interview with a staffing service on Wednesday.

I am still trying to find places to put all these wedding decorations. We need to add a room on the house

Update 2:30 p.m…..One interview down and who knows how many to go. She has one tomorrow, but while she was in the interview today, she got a call from a staffing agency, in response to her resume she posted on She wasn’t pleased with the one at Lifeway today, because they only want someone for a maximum of 25 hours a week.

Update 1:15 p.m….The current temperature in Houston is 38 degrees, with a windchill factor of 29. I know that doesn’t sound very cold to those of you in more northern climates. And we do many times have much colder temps here. But today it is mixed with rain. The front came down and met up with the very warm (mid 70’s), humid air we have on the Texas Gulf Coast, and decided to drop all that moisture in the form of rain. Normally, it would just hang in the air, in the form of a wet blanket. Tonight’s low will be 30, but tomorrow it will dip into the 20’s, and we will have lots of ice. Not a common occurance on the Texas Coast. We are under a winter storm warning

Bethany is out in all this nasty stuff, at a job interview. In my newly repaired car.
one special person

Nita, one of our sweet ladies at church, just sent me these pictures she took at Brandon and Rachael’s wedding. Nita is so funny….she is the lady that can’t remember Ethan’s name, so she just prays, “God, please protect the bomb guy.” She said, “God knows his name.”

This is me and Steve:

Cindy and Steve

This couple is Dave and Chris. He is our youth/music minister and the father of Elizabeth, the girl that died a little over a week ago. He and Chris did a lot of the wedding pictures. Chris is an emergency room nurse. They are the parents of Andy, our pianist, and Jeremy, the ringbearer in the wedding.

Dave and Chris



16 thoughts on “Wedding Pictures

  1. :sunny::heartbeat::sunny:
    The bomb guy!  How funny is that.
    I’ve been thinking, I think Beth needs to call one of those TV lawyers…it’s tough…takes time ane stamina, but…can’t hurt either!
    Great pic of you and Steve.
    Have a blessed Monday! Brrrr

  2. Giggles at the “Bomb Guy”  I’m like that with names too!
    Ya’ll look so purty,  now either you are short or he is way tall or both!   But ya’ll look wonderful!!!!!:sunny:

  3. And fortunately, the kids got their height from him. Brandon’s a 1/2″ over 6′ and Beth is 5’10”. Brandon would have been taller, but he was very ill from ages 14-18, and it stunted his growth. Don’t look at me like that…..the doctor said so. :p

  4. At our wedding, some of the pictures were taken with me standing on the first step up to our stage, and I still wasn’t as tall as him. 😦   So I’ve just always tried to remember that good things come in small packages. :giggle:

  5. thats cute about “the bomb guy”… its the thought that counts, and God does know his name ❤ I see you’re 5’2… what a great height… I’m the same height 🙂 My husband is 5’11. Maybe 6’0. It depends who you ask. He says 5’11 but the military says 6’0. Either way it’s quite a height difference for us. Oh, your comment cracked me up!

  6. I will keep Bethany in my prayers that God places her in a great job!
    Hope the ice doesn’t hit too hard there!!! 
    Have a great week!!

  7. :wave: I somehow knew that Steve would be taller than Mike (5’11-1/2) & that you would be shorter than I am (5’4-1/2). :yes: You make a beautiful couple, & I really love your wedding dress, Cindy! :goodjob: What a nice picture of Dave & Chris! BTW ~ How are they and the boys doing now? :heartbeat:

  8. The Stones are doing well. I talked to Dave this morning. They are trying to get back into their regular routine again. They homeschool Andy and Jeremy, and last week was a little hectic. But routines get upset sometimes. Everything is a learning experience.
    Thank you for the compliments. I’ve only worn the wedding outfit one other time. It’s glittery, and I get glitter on everything when I wear it. I wore it to church on Christmas Eve.

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