Weird Weather


Update 7:45 p.m….My sister, Tammy, just emailed. She said it’s snowing in Montgomery County (TX). That’s the county just north of us. She said it’s only light flurries, but still….it’s snow.


If you have not done so, please go here to read the notice sent by Focus on the Family, of a pending bill in the Senate. We just got a new notice saying an ammendment has been added to double the fines previously stated, for “paid” grassroots lobbying efforts without the government’s idea of full disclosure to them.  I will post the new notice tomorrow. This could conceivably mean that pastors could not tell their congregations about pending bills.



Here comes the ice storm. At this moment, it’s just above freezing, but that will change soon. It’s now sleeting in Montgomery County, where my sister lives. It’s about an hour north of us – just north of Houston’s largest airport, Bush Intercontinental.


It’s been dry here so far today, so crews have been out applying magnesium chloride to the roads, to keep it from freezing. It’s antifreeze for pavements. In Houston, so many of the freeways are elevated, so it really presents a problem when conditons are right for ice. There are many places where freeway interchanges have bridges very high in the air, and there may be 4 or 5 layers of bridges. Some of them are easily 70 feet in the air. So ice can shut Houston down. And Brandon and Steve are out on those roads every day.


Our Lifeflight helicopters have been grounded already. The news helicopters have been icing over while flying, and it’s not even raining yet. That’s just from the moisture in the air.

So Beth has 2 interviews tomorrow. I’m not crazy about her going out in the weird weather. She got another call from an energy management company today. They had seen her resume on When it rains, it pours.

Steve said it’s raining out there now.



19 thoughts on “Weird Weather

  1. :wave:Hi, I hope everyone will keep warm and safe. The “sleet” suppose to get this way tomorrow. I will deal with snow, but not the ice. I hope the interviews for Beth goes great. Keep warm, Sharon in Athens, GA

  2. Cool!!!! Thanks. Our forecast says we will get an inch tonight and 2 tomorrow. And the radar shows it too, and has all day. But, we haven’t gotten anything. You know how it is here in Texas, hard to predict winter weather!

  3. Again, recognizing the absurd nature of requiring “the government’s idea of full disclosure to them” for any kind of lobbying, I don’t see in the legislation how communication by a pastor to his congregation qualifies as a “paid effort to stimulate grassroots lobbying.”That said, we need fewer restrictions on lobbying, not more. Rent-seeking is inefficient, but it is real and can’t be legislated away. :yes:

  4. Oh, and it’s down in the low 30’s in Atlanta already. We should be getting what you guys are getting in the next couple of days. Glad I remembered to get my ice scraper. :goodjob:

  5. What I’m concerned about is the ways in which laws might be used in the future, that are not seen now. Who’s to say that nobody will ever try to say a pastor of a church larger than 500 people, is a paid person trying to stir up his congregation to contact our lawmakers? If he doesn’t file the proper paperwork before he speaks to the congregation, I can see where this law could be twisted against him. Nobody ever intended the RICO law to be used in some of the ways it’s been used, either.

  6. Totally agree. The law certainly will have unintended consequences. But FotF seems to be saying that restricting Christians’ freedom of speech is the *intended* consequence. I just hope they aren’t shooting themselves in the foot by making an unjustifiably extreme claim. And of course why won’t FotF fight for everyones’ free speech, rather than just their own? Why was it okay to regulate the lobbying activities of everyone else, but it suddenly becomes bad when their organization falls under the rules?If we on the right would be more consistent, we’d be less open to criticism from the left. :goodjob:

  7. Doug, Focus is fighting for the rights of ALL grassroots lobbyists. They are trying to insure that the right of the PEOPLE to free access to information about what the legislators are doing is maintained. What they, and I believe the American people, want to curtail is the hoards of highly paid lobbyists who line up outside congressmen’s doors to give them campaign contributions (read that as bribes) to hide funding for their special interest group inside unrelated legislation.

  8. Hope you are surviving your taste of winter there!  I know the last time I saw ice in San Antonio (when we lived there) it shut EVERYTHING  down!  It was so crazy! 
    Be safe!!!

  9. No harm (my earlier visit). 
    I googled a certain annoying presence here on xanga who is harrassing a friend, and ended up on your site via google, as apparently you’ve dealt with him as well.

  10. hide funding for their special interest group inside unrelated legislation.This is why we need a)the line-item veto; and b)more sites like porkbusters.Something to note: sites like porkbusters would fall under 220 as well. But instead of giving grassroots groups “special” protection, or protecting no one, why not protect ALL lobbyists from needless government regulation and instead rely upon a free flow of information?It’s also worth noting that the bigger blogs have picked up on this provision a good week or two after Focus on the Family did. :goodjob:

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