Bethany actually only had to go in for a little while today to fill out more paperwork. Then she has to go today for a drug test. She has orientation this Saturday. She was planning on going with me to a baby shower for a cousin, but I guess that has changed.

I got a message today from someone who is trying to locate my cousin, who is in Afghanistan. They found the picture of him, that I have posted on the left side of this page. I didn’t realize I had his last name on the picture in my photo blog, or he wouldn’t have been found.

So this is for that person: Ross is the gunner on an Apache right now. He will be home from Afghanistan (hopefully) sometime around March 1, I believe. In “real life”, he is a police officer in Conroe. I left you a message on your Xanga.

One of our dogs, Sandy, is sick right now, so she has been staying in the house. Last night she wanted to be close to somebody, so Bethany laid down on the floor beside her. Junior (the cat) decided she wanted to be close to somebody, too. Our animals are funny.

Beth and Sandy

I’m too slow with the camera. I wanted to get a pic of our cat, Tigger, chasing off the neighbor’s pug, Pugsley. It was funny. That dog was scared. He ran.

Sharon  (justhopingnow) has posted about another soldier that died. You can read about him on the Patriot Guard Riders’ site.  



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  1. Cindy,
    I’m so glad that Bethany was able to get the job!  I must have missed where you posted where she will be working! 

  2. She will be working at Walmart. It’s not in the photo lab like she had hoped, but if they have an opening, she can move into it. She had so many prospects, and we were all praying about the right one. Then….they all seemed to dry up except for this one. God made the choice unmistakable.

  3. poor pup!! And what a gorgeous cat!! It’s one big happy family on the kitchen flooe :love: I was going to ask you something about being short and pregnant but I completely forget now :wha: OH YEAH! Did you feel the baby kick sooner? Or does torso size not really count for that?

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