Update 8:00 p.m…..We just got our internet back a few minutes ago. Apparently earthlink was having some server problems. Brandon had the same problem with his.

Jesse came over tonight and brought Beth papers from the lawyer. She has to fill them out and sign them, and he’ll come back by in the morning and pick them up, so they can get to the lawyer by noon.  Jesse’s funny. We laughed a lot while he was here. If I called Beth at CVS and Jesse answered the phone, he’d page her and say, “Beth, it’s yo mamma!” Jesse’s kind of short for a man, and I always use to give him a really hard time about it. But he’s taller than me, and he’d always remind me of that. Most people are taller than me.

Read Steve’s posttoday.

Update 1:45 p.m…..I went to see my neurologist this morning. I have to see him once a year, unless I’m having problems with seizures. Today he put me on Requip for my Restless Leg Syndrome. It has been getting worse. I’ve been taking hydrocodone for it for a little over a year, but sometimes it doesn’t help. He said it was time to take the next step, and go on Requip. I have to take it every night.

He said very, very rarely, it can cause a really strange side effect. It can cause some people to have impulsive behavior, such as impulsive gambling or shopping. I told him I’d watch out for Walmart cravings. He said it can also cause one other impulsive behavior, but I’m not telling you that one. But I assured him that one would not be a bad thing. He shakes his head and laughs at me a lot.

After the doctor appointment, I went to Walmart. I was there….ummmm…..a long time. I decided to redo our half bath. I’m going to paint, and put up new wallpaper border. I’m also going to restain the wood floor and wood ceiling. It’s way past due.

It’s lasagna, salad, and garlic cheese bread for supper.

Zits 1-22-07




16 thoughts on “Mentos

  1. :):lol:Hi, Thanks for the smile. I’m sitting here freezing. Furnace broke last night–yea tweetie is heating and air tech—he determine what is wrong, but did not have the part and of course he had to go to work and will not be back until about 9:00 pm tonight. So I called the landlord and hopefully someone will be out today to repair. FUN! People thinks just because your husband is a plumber, HVAC, or car mechanic you never have to call someone in to make repairs for those things. Wrong, because hey that’s their job and unless it’s late or on the weekend (when not on call) the repairs can not be done-until-then. I was hoping to fill out some more Valentine’s cards for the soldiers. I am shaking too much so I don’t think that would look too good. Of course, a good excuse for why my writing is so horrible. Well, I’m going to bundle up with my blanket. Sharon in GA

  2. Haha that comic was in our paper yesterday…or Maybe it was Sundays?? Hmm Idk…but does mentos & diet coke really do that? I’ve heard somewhere else that it will explode or something..

  3. You’re right, Sharon. Brandon does AC and he always has people wanting him to help. One neighbor even acted like Brandon owed it to him to come fix his AC. 😡 Hope yours gets fixed soon.

  4. Nah, were not snowed in.  Most of it has melted now.  We are supposed to get flurries until Saturday night when we are supposed to get another inch.  I think our winter has finally arrived.  I got two of the three books at the pregnancy center today but we seem to be out of the bible study.  I ordered some more so I will just wait until they come in and then mail you the books if that is okay.  Hopefully it won’t take too long for them to come in.  Should I guess what the other side effect is?  Lol

  5. Cindy,
    You’re a sweet heart 🙂 You can send a couple of the impulses this way: the shopping and the other that will remain nameless 🙂 God bless you.

  6. :goodjob:Excellent testimony by Steve! :goodjob::heartbeat:I hope the meds help. Supper sounds yummy! :jealous:Add 2 plates! I did that experiment with my student ~ it was pretty cool! :coolman:

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