The Guardian

Not much to say today. Except that we are fixing to watch The Guardian. Beth said it was good. Ethan didn’t like it that someone died at the end. So I’m gonna see for myself.
 glitter heartglitter heartglitter heart
UPDATE 9:50 p.m…..Go get The Guardian and watch it. It’s about Coast Guard rescue swimmers. It is very good. Someone does die in the end….someone you don’t want to die….but it’s still a good movie. They filmed an alternate ending, but it really wasn’t as good. But here’s what I told Ethan:

“Having said that, in real life I would have been praying for everybody to come back safely. And I would have been on my knees thanking Him when it happened. Kind of like when great EOD techs come home alive and well (maybe not in their right minds, but having all appropriate body parts  )

So movies and real life are worlds apart.”

I didn’t cry. I almost did….but I was determined not to. That’s hard for me. I see somebody hurting, and it gets to me.



12 thoughts on “The Guardian

  1. That movie looked pretty good. I actually kind of wanted to see it. That’s saying a lot considering I pretty much don’t like movies at all.

  2. :sunny::heartbeat::sunny:
    Gonna go put that movie on my blockbuster list.
    Good for Beth and her job…she can be a LIGHT there…they don’t have a lot of light in that place!!  Bless their hearts!!  God still loves em tho…even if their elevators don’t all go to the top!

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