In the morning, my dad is having another pacemaker put in. This is his third, but this time the doctor said it has to have a defibrillator in it. Daddy is 70 years old, and only has approximately a 20% heart function. The cardiologists that he sees have said it is risky for him, just having a pacemaker changed. Recently they tested his heart and dialed his pacemaker down very low. His heart never did kick in on its own. The pacemaker is what is keeping his heart beating. So this time it must have the defibrillator, in case his heart stops.
Daddy has had many heart attacks now (I think about 6 now-it’s hard to keep count), but the very first one at age 53 nearly killed him. The doctor said that if he had not been in the hospital when it actually happened, he would not have lived. It killed 30% of the front wall of his heart. He had a triple bypass at that time in October 1989. He had another bypass, a double, in March 1998. He cannot have anymore bypasses because he has no more leg veins to use. He has now had a little more than a dozen angioplasties, with multiple stents put into his arteries. Many times, his stents have clogged again in less than a year. Some of his arteries are literally lined with stents end to end.
He’s been very blessed to have lived at all for the last 17 years. But none of us are ready to give him up just yet. And he’s a fighter. His cardiologist never would have believed that he would still be alive now.
We could use prayer. He has to be at the hospital at 8:30 in the morning. Bethany and I, along with my 3 sisters, will also be there. Here’s my parents, Walter and Sherry, at Brandon and Rachael’s wedding in November:
My parents

Read Bethany’s borrowed post. She got it from Kyle the Tiny Termite . Don’t ask.  




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  1. yup absolutely sure there’s only one =) One baby, one heartbeat, and I never did any sort of fertility drugs, so I’m safe (as safe as one can be). I think it’s all going out front since I’m not gaining anything on the sides or anywhere else for that matter. My doc doesn’t seem concerned.

  2. Kyle, Kyle, Kyle… I think that’s still your display name on my MySpace. “Kyle the Tiny Termite.” And I remember that I am Beth the Dorky Woodchuck, but I have no idea how we came about those names. I don’t remember at all.

  3. Cindy,
    Your father is posted for prayer and I will be praying. Hang in there. God bless you. Love all the photos.

  4. There is an uncanny resemblance between your dad & nephew! :yes: Wow! Happy birthday, Michael. (I love your name!) You have an exciting year ahead of you! :goodjob: I am praying for your Dad, Cindy. (and for the rest of you who are so close and dear to him.):heartbeat: Muchliest  :love: ~ Carolyn

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